Author: Dr Jeri Fink

How I Became Bipolar

Bipolar. That’s what they call people who have traveled to both the north and sound ends of the Earth. No surprise – you have to be a bit manic to even think of going there. It began in Alaska. I was invited to participate in a Native American grant that sent authors to schools in Alaska bush towns. My “town” was Barrow – the northernmost cit...Read More

The Nana Monster

Tech was always my best friend. As the daughter of an electronic engineer, I had the first TV in the neighborhood. When desktops arrived in the 80s, I quickly climbed aboard. I was an author – I had to go digital. My first computer was a 1982 “portable” called Kaypro 2. It weighed a svelte 26 pounds – about the same as my 2-...Read More

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