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Stem Cells Repair Heart Disease – an Interview with Dr. Doris Taylor

Every year about 715,000 Americans have heart attack. In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, and for the first time, more women are dying of heart disease than men. Having a heart attack can have a very major affect on your life and your lifestyle. But imagine how different that might be if...Read More

Sleep Knits the Raveled Sleeve of Care

If you live to be 90 you will have slept about 30 years of it. Was it a waste of time? Why would we evolve this way if it were totally unproductive?  But fear not. You are not squandering 1/3 of your life. Au contraire.  According to new evidence, sleep is actually ensuring that the other 2/3 of your life is optimized. And you know at men...Read More

Estrogen in Menopause Can Improve Memory, Cognition

At a recent meeting of North American Menopause Society I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Pauline Maki, a professor of Psychiatry/Psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She talked to me about how women can improve their memory and cognition in perimenopause and menopause with the use of estrogen.   Dr. Maki discussed how hor...Read More

Bioidentical Estrogen: What Is It and Is It Safe?

Today I want to talk to you about something you probably have heard a lot about, and that’s bioidentical estrogens. You may be wondering what bioidentical estrogens are, and you may be wondering if they are really safe. Are they safer than the regular ones you get in a drug store? What is it you need to know to make that choice? First, let...Read More

Exercise Can Lead to Better Sex When Taking Antidepressants

If you are one of the millions of women taking antidepressant medications to improve your mood, you might have noticed a worsening libido. It’s a common side affect. Now a new study reveals that exercise might might be a solution. Women taking antidepressants, especially if their workouts occur right before sex, boosted libido. The researcher...Read More

7 Tips to Control Stress Incontinence

If you’ve ever worried you wouldn’t find a bathroom in time or worried about wetting your pants each time you sneeze, read on to understand the problem and find tips on what to do. Shhhhh. Most women don’t want to talk about it. In fact most wait 5-7 years to discuss it with their doctor. Let’s face it; it is embarrassing to...Read More

Women's Sexuality in Menopause

A few years ago Karen Giblin asked me to write a theme song called Red Hot Mama for her Red Hot Mama’s menopause organization. One of the lines in it goes – “Just because I’m in the ‘Pause doesn’t mean I’m dead.” That line underscores what a number of studies show; that sexual activity is alive a...Read More

Sharon Osborne has double mastectomy due to BRCA gene mutation

Sharon Osborn, judge on America’s Got Talent, recently had a bilateral mastectomy due to her having a gene known to increase breast cancer – the BReast CAncer or BRCA gene. The gene is also associated with an increase in ovarian and colon cancer. Many people don’t realize that the BRCA gene is also associated with an increased ris...Read More

Too Much Sugar Causes Memory Loss

We know too much sugar is bad for our waistline.  A study from Mayo Clinic and reported in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has shown that the people over 70 who ate the most carbohydrates relative to protein and fat approached being 4 times greater risk of developing mild cognitive impairment, which is a precursor to Alzheimer’s...Read More

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in 4 deaths in the United States are due to cancer “ 1,600 deaths daily. And pancreatic cancer is on the verge of moving from fourth place past breast and colorectal cancer into the second leading cause of death after lung cancer. What makes it all so terrible is that the disease is usually caught late an...Read More

Silent Heart Attacks in Women

Today, I want to talk to you about something I discuss with my menopausal patients routinely and that you may not be aware of. As a woman, you are more at risk of dying of a heart attack than your male counterpart. Can you imagine? Most people think that heart disease is the picture of the guy with pain in his left arm or his right arm and crushing...Read More

Doctor Seibel’s Health Tips

"It’s better to stay well than to get well!"  Mache Seibel, MD. Dr. Machelle (Mache) Seibel is America’s health expert, addressing the critical needs of consumers from stress and weight control to menopause and beyond. He served on the Harvard Medical School faculty for almost 20 years and is a pioneer in many areas ...Read More

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