Downsizing: How to buy a new house before selling your old one

Reverse the normal sell-then-buy process It’s a downsizer’s dream to be able to purchase that smaller home or condo before selling the current one. After all, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to move at your own pace, avoid a second move into temporary quarters with a houseful of furniture to store and sell your old home from the c...Read More

Wake Up! Your Retirement Is YOUR Problem

There is no magic wand that will instantly create a secure retirement for everyone. The fact of the matter is that Americans are responsible for creating their own financially stable retirement. Though Social Security keeps most seniors out of poverty, it provides a bare minimum of retirement income. And experts expect some changes to the program i...Read More

Do Social Security Benefits Change If I Move?

Long before you relocate to one of America’s top retirement spots, there’s one financial move you should make that could save you a fortune. Optimize your Social Security. Choosing when and how to file for Social Security benefits can save you and your spouse hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetimes. Should you file early at...Read More

4 Steps To A Simpler (and More Frugal) Life

Frugality is not a quaint pastime from the pre-credit card era, but it is something of a lost art for some people. Though frugal living can make you think of a college student in thrift-store threads surviving off of a case of Ramen, it doesn’t have to be like that. “Being frugal to me is about valuing your life energy,” says Mark...Read More

Reverse Mortgage and Your Adult Children

You’re thinking about getting a reverse mortgage. Should you discuss your plan with your adult children? Maybe. Every senior homeowner’s situation is unique. “I wish I could give you one best practice that’s optimal for every family, but it’s more complex than that,” says Joseph Goetz, an associate professor for ...Read More

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