Author: Akaisha Kaderli

Quick Survival Travel Tips

We were enjoying our meal at a popular open-air restaurant on the main tourist drag in Panajachel, Guatemala, when some tourists about our age walked slowly by. Billy says Hey, the food’s great here, why not give it a go? The man looked interested, the woman looked horrified. I chimed in with Order the Amuerzo Economico and you will pay half...Read More

The Stupidest Question in the World

Over the last several weeks, Billy and I have been traveling through the Mexican Yucatan and on into Guatemala. Can you say humid? The Yucatan has been oppressively hot with the humidity levels vacillating between 75% and 92% daily. When the temperatures reach the 80²s and with matching humidity, these two young kids (that would be us) tend to slo...Read More

Maneuvering through medical events overseas

What about the Language Barrier? When it comes to navigating health care issues in a foreign country, lots of travelers or would-be Expats have a legitimate concern over the language barrier. While there is a possibility that you could find yourself in the backwaters of Vietnam, in a lonely village in the mountains of China or Tibet, or spending th...Read More

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