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What’s Wrong With Aging?

So, what’s wrong with aging? Nothing I say…provided you do it with grace, happiness and a positive approach, regardless of your physical, mental or financial situations? In today’s society there are many who would say there is a lot wrong with getting older, and there are equally as many who do everything they can to disguise the obvious consequenc...Read More

Six-Pack Abs at 70! Thoughts on Holistic Health and Fitness for Us Boomers…

I began this wellness journey 40 years ago, in Toronto, when I quit smoking, stopped eating meat, and became a vegetarian. (I have been a vegan for the last two years.) I went back to school at age 62 to become a licensed massage therapist. I am a strong advocate of holistic fitness. For me, mind, body, and spirit must be equally nourished and exer...Read More

Retirement Well-Being: Who Sinks, Who Swims

Who sinks and who swims in retirement? Retirement brings a whole new dynamic to life. People who prospered in the workplace may feel overwhelmed by the wide-open spaces of retirement. On the other hand, those who were not happy with the nine-to-five grind can flourish in the freedom that retirement offers. Without the daily hustle of commuting and ...Read More

5 Critical Questions Before Leaving An Inheritance

What to ask before leaving an inheritance Although leaving your wealth to the next generation sounds like a worthy goal, many Americans struggle with how much to leave and how to do it. In a recent survey of high net worth parents, 91% of respondents said they plan to leave most of their wealth to family members, while 46% are concerned about givin...Read More

Smartphone apps for seniors and caregivers

Apps for seniors and caregivers Smartphones and tablets have radically changed the way we communicate. By 2017, they will make up 87 percent of the worldwide smart-connected device market, with personal computers shrinking to just 13 percent of market share, according to recent projections released by the International Data Corp., a market tracking...Read More

Thinking of Retiring Outside the US? Better Think About Health Insurance

Is Belgium beckoning as a retirement roost? Is Canada coaxing you? If you retire abroad, be aware that you likely won’t be able to count on your American health insurance to cover a trip to the emergency room — or even a routine checkup. Medicare rarely covers any health care outside the U.S., cautions Josef Woodman, the founder and CEO...Read More

567 Ways To Collect Social Security

There are 567 ways for a couple to claim Social Security, the Securian Financial Group pointed out in a recent communication to its financial planners, but only 18 percent of couples are making plans to maximize benefits. According to the Social Security Administration, among those receiving retirement benefits: Some 52 percent of married couples a...Read More

Coffee Habits May Influence Mild Cognitive Impairment Risk

HealthDay News — A study of more than 1,400 Italian seniors has found a link between patterns of coffee consumption and risk for mild cognitive impairment. The findings are reported in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Vincenzo Solfrizzi, MD, PhD, of the University of Bari Aldo Moro in Italy, and colleagues looked at the coffee consum...Read More

What Happens To Your Parents’ Reverse Mortgage When They Die

As more seniors turn to reverse mortgages, their adult children might well be puzzled or concerned about what will happen to that debt when one or both of their parents eventually dies. At that time, questions about how to pay off the loan will need to be resolved — and relatively quickly. Loans are due when borrower dies Nearly all reverse m...Read More

The Big Benefits of Virtual Retirement Villages

For seniors who want a low-cost way to age in place, virtual retirement villages offer many of the amenities and support available at a retirement home. Virtual retirement villages are membership-driven virtual communities run by paid staff and volunteers. Villages offer seniors access to affordable services such as transportation, health programs,...Read More

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Destroy Your Retirement Portfolio

As your retirement date approaches, be careful. Just as you have a “to-do” list to follow as you approach retirement, you have some “don’t dos” to abide by, or you risk upsetting your carefully laid plans. For example, don’t make the mistake of exiting completely from either stocks or bonds. You should be in both...Read More


Grandparenting comes naturally to me because my parents were excellent role models. Just like my two granddaughters who are being raised next door to me and my husband, my children were raised next door to my parents. I know that oftentimes my children felt as though they had two sets of parents. And that’s a good thing. My parents went to my...Read More

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