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10 Tips for 2016! Let’s Be Smart with Our After 50 $$s!

Senior living involves more than just retiring from a job and relaxing in your later years. For older Americans, a raft of issues arises and many questions need to be answered as you age. Some are personal, others are legal, and often they involve not only you but your family members. These top 10 tips should help guide you through the must-do̵...Read More

Ghosts of Memories of Christmas Past

Since my Moms death was on Christmas Day, 3 years back, it seemed imperative that I recall what happy times occurred to us as a family with our family of four (Johnny & I were young) then came baby Mickey, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I asked myself, if I don’t recall and share, then who would…….I delight in this chosen job of joy&...Read More

Staying In Shape – Through Travel

I’m often asked how I stay fit “for my age.” For the record, I’m only 62. I’ve been traveling for most of my adult life, but only recently did I start to view travel as a fun and easy way to stay in shape. It all started back in 2006 when my son Jared and I had the crazy idea to see the world’s highest mountain – Mt. Everest. Not being professional...Read More

Retirement Health Care Costs – Higher Than You Think!

An American hoping to retire soon can look forward to spending more than a quarter of a million dollars on health care over the rest of his life. People who are young now will probably spend a lot more than that. That’s just a base line: The couple of hundred grand you’ll drop on health care does not include extras such as dental care, ...Read More

Baby Boomers Struggle with Retirement Fears

As retirement draws near, many baby boomers aren’t kicking up their heels. They’re pacing the floor, anxious about the years ahead. An April survey by PNC Bank on retirement preparedness found that among baby boomers: 83% fear health care costs will be too high in retirement. 74% haven’t reached the $1 million in retirement saving...Read More

Now What Do I Do? Any Advice?

My kids are grown and my best friend and life mate of 35 years passed five years ago. I always thought we would retire and travel together. I’ve always been the mom, aunt, sister, nana, friend and all around goodhearted person. I’ve always been there for my whole family. The one everyone could depend on for anything, which caused very l...Read More

Silver Liners – by Mary Stripling

The invitation was clear: “You are invited to a silver polishing party at my house on April 13, at 10 am. Be a dear and be here!” Of course we were there — all five of us. Who would dare say no to Nancy? Had she not been there for each of us through every cloudburst of our lives? In fact, we had been there for each other through more years than any...Read More

How Not To Become A Bag Lady

Half of American women worry about becoming a bag lady, according to a 2013 Allianz survey, and those fears aren’t necessarily irrational: Poverty rates for older women are nearly double those for men. The gap has persisted in recent decades even though more women work and contribute to retirement funds. Researchers are still trying to puzzle...Read More

5 Really Iffy Retirement Ideas

One size doesn’t always fit all, especially when it comes to retirement advice. In fact, some of the most time-honored rules of thumb for managing your finances after the end of your primary working years may not make sense in your specific situation. On the other hand, they might make perfect sense. As is usually the case, whether retirement...Read More

Social Security – Where They Stand: The Republicans Weigh In

Social Security was a hot topic during Wednesday night’s 3rd GOP presidential candidate debate (Oct 27, 2015). Almost everyone voiced an opinion, but they boiled down to more noise than substance.  Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida both argued strongly against any cuts to current benefits. Rubio said:...Read More

Social Security – Where They Stand: The Democrats Weigh In

The future of Social Security is likely to be a hot topic in the 2016 presidential election, but it only popped up briefly in the 1st debate among Democratic candidates. During Tuesday night’s debate (Oct. 13, 2015), Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said, “My view is, when you have millions of seniors in this country trying to get by —...Read More

What’s Wrong With Aging?

So, what’s wrong with aging? Nothing I say…provided you do it with grace, happiness and a positive approach, regardless of your physical, mental or financial situations? In today’s society there are many who would say there is a lot wrong with getting older, and there are equally as many who do everything they can to disguise the obvious consequenc...Read More

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