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You As Stylist: Here’s Your Top 5 Fashion Tips

People’s first impression of us and what we are about is often based how we look and dress.  New statistics show that over 55% of your message is projected visually, says Jennifer Butler.  This is why having a well-crafted image is important.  The better we look, the more effective we are in our professional and personal lives.  These top five fash...Read More

Thinking Retirement? Here’s Our Top 10 Tip List!

Have a discovery phase Call it an assessment, checkup or discovery, but a key part of planning for retirement is taking an overall look at what’s going on. See where your money is invested, check the performance and scrutinize your contributions. Online tools, such as Bankrate’s best retirement calculator or retirement income calculator...Read More

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Destroy Your Retirement Portfolio

As your retirement date approaches, be careful. Just as you have a “to-do” list to follow as you approach retirement, you have some “don’t dos” to abide by, or you risk upsetting your carefully laid plans. For example, don’t make the mistake of exiting completely from either stocks or bonds. You should be in both...Read More

The Financial Burden of Alzheimer’s Care

By 2050, Alzheimer’s disease is expected to cost the nation as much as $1.1 trillion, afflicting 13.8 million people. While caring for an Alzheimer’s patient can cost $174,000 or more over their lifetime, many people have no plan when it comes to this debilitating disease, according to new research from WebMD and Shriver Media. Great fi...Read More

Reduce Risk of Dementia. Get Hearing Aids!

Researchers have known for years that hearing loss seems to increase the risk of dementia. Now there’s evidence that hearing aids can mitigate that risk. Hearing aids stave off dementia A French study that followed thousands of older people for 25 years recently found that hearing aids seem to protect against cognitive decline. People who use...Read More

9 Common Misconceptions about IRAs

IRAs are complicated retirement vehicles, so it’s not surprising that people get tripped up by them. Blame IRS rules for all the confusion. Some misconceptions are innocuous, while others can lead to serious tax blunders. Don’t feel bad; even financial advisers get tripped up by the intricate rules of IRAs. Figuring out how the accounts...Read More

The Grandma Check: How Big (or small!) do you make it?

The grandma check, filled out in careful handwriting and mailed well in advance to ensure timely delivery, is a treasured part of many Americans’ birthday or holiday traditions. But while the concept is simple, the art of grandma check-giving can be pretty complicated. Send too much, and you risk setting a precedent that will drain your bank ...Read More

Retiring Early? Consider Costs That Go Along with Your Decision…

Retiring early — say, before age 65 — is a dream for many people. That dream, though, comes at a cost. Before you say, “So long!” to your salary and benefits, here’s what you need to know. Incoming revenue This is obvious, but, if your employer has a match on your retirement contributions, you are losing free money whe...Read More

Countdown to Retirement: 1 Year To Go….

No. 1: Plan the transition As life transitions go, retirement ranks way up there among the most challenging, both financially and emotionally. Many decisions carry financial and life-planning implications: Should you sell the house and downsize? Will you have enough money to pursue travel plans and hobbies? How do you want to spend your time? ̶...Read More

IRA Beneficiary Errors That Can Hurt Your Loved Ones

Leaving IRA to “estate” will cost your heirs “George” — name changed to protect the guilty — was in a big hurry when he filled out his IRA beneficiary form, so he wrote ‘estate’ instead of his children’s names and Social Security numbers,” recalls David Born, chartered financial analyst an...Read More

Baby Boomer Travel Trends

Last year, AARP reported in their annual travel research survey that “practically all Baby Boomers (99%) anticipate traveling for leisure in 2016, with approximately 4 or 5 trips in the works.” 45% reported that they would take a combination of domestic and international trips, while 5% planned to focus on international only. In a 2013 article by S...Read More

Gambling Your Home’s Equity

Rising home prices are providing many homeowners with a benefit they haven’t seen in years: increased equity in their homes. That’s leading some to seek a higher return on their money by taking the equity and investing it in stocks or other higher-paying investments, according to the Wall Street Journal. Back to the old days Cash-out re...Read More

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