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Aging and Obesity

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A recent study reports that “obesity is associated with reduced memory and thinking skills in adults aged 60 to 70, especially those with greater amounts of abdominal fat.” The study does caution that obesity doesn’t “cause” reduced memory – but the relationship between the two is strong. Now, maybe we can agree that aging is not necessarily an easy or continuously pleasant process. Those among us who face age discrimination, or aching joints, or sudden singlehood know the challenges. So, why would we want to add to that pile of challenges by engaging in activity that would knowingly reduce our cognitive abilities and skills?

Every time I fumble for a name, or realize that I simply can’t remember where I put the keys, I simultaneously experience a level of panic. What does this mean? Am I losing it? Is mental incapacity around the bend?

There are a lot of reasons why people should do their utmost to stay in shape. As we age, though, it becomes increasingly important to prevent the slide into sedentary oblivion. So let’s think about this. Obesity not only hinders our ability to perform physical tasks, we now know that it significantly hinders our cognitive functioning. Forget about excuses. Time is trucking. The choice is yours!

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