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Why Baby Boomers and the After Fifty generation?

 1.    We’re a huge market!

    • There are 78 million Baby Boomers in the US alone;
    • Combine Baby Boomers with those who are After Fifty, and we are 110 million strong; and 
    • We’re a generational tsunami!

2.    We’re a growing market!

    • 10,000 people turn 50 in the US every day.  That’s one new After Fiftier every 8 seconds;
    • By 2015, 45% of the US population will be 50+; and 
    • We’re living longer – and healthier lives!

3.    We’re an appealing market!

    • Healthiest, wealthiest, best educated of all market segments;
    • Are outspending younger adults by $1 trillion annually in 2010; and 
    • We own 65% of the aggregate net worth of all US households!

4.    We’re a relevant market!

    • We’re the web’s largest constituency;
    • We’re the fastest growing cohort in social media; and 
    • At last count, 70 million of us are active on the Internet – and that number grows daily!

Why for your advertising campaign?

1.    We delight our visitors!

    • We offer multiple solution channels to address After Fifty issues
    • Our robust content includes the most relevant offerings for the After Fifty demographic
    • Engagement and return visits are trending upward

2.    We’re an emerging leader in this space!

    • We’re newly launched and we’re nimble
    • We’re solidly grounded in Boomer and After Fifty ideology
    • We take pride in our comprehensiveness, combined with our quality, value and variety.  What a powerful combination!

3.    We’re supported and recognized!  Our partnerships (,, and others) are impressive.

4.    We love options!

    • Want a traditional Banner Ad or Leaderboard campaign?  Great!  Talk to us.
    • Want to customize?  Like maybe sponsor a Poll about a topic of mutual interest?  Again, let’s talk!

How can we be helpful and best meet your goals? offers several ways for you to intersect and engage with boomers and the After Fifty generation. We can customize targeted CPM media buys consisting of banners on and placements in our soon-to-be-launched monthly email Newsletter; or we can customize a robust media solution that is right for you. 

    • We can offer Run-of-Site and Run-of-Category solutions, with our major topical categories including: health & fitness; your money; lifestyle; your work; your nest; and companionship. 
    • We offer varying time commitments, including an open run, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month campaigns. 
    • We offer targeting (filtering) opportunities to be based on certain topical areas within Forums or to be based on demographic characteristics.
    • We offer Sponsor buttons, rotating no more than 4 sponsors per location
    • We offer more customized sponsorship opportunities, including
      • Polls:  Advertisers can sponsor AFL-created polls, which are focused on the section within which they appear.  For example, a poll about arthritis pain may appear within the Health & Fitness section of AFL
      • Forums:  Advertisers can create and sponsor Forums relevant to their brand, and provide expertise and generate interest within the community.

Contact us.
   We’re happy to speak with you at your convenience.

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