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“Adapt” our home?

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We’ve decided we want to stay in our current home for as long as possible.  But we realize that we may need to "adapt" our home to our needs as we age.  What are some of the things we should think about doing in a home renovation?

Great question! The best time to plan for the future is as early as possible.  Make an assessment of your home and the layout on the first floor to make sure you would be able to get around should you need any type of assistance.  Do you have a bathroom on the first floor? Does this bathroom at least have a shower stall?  If not, can you remodel so that you will have a nice shower stall with door and an easy walk in?  It is important to make sure that you have a bathroom that will be easy to use.  Think about installing grab bars in the shower and possibly next to the toilet as well.  The ADA toilets allow comfort height and counter height vanities make it easier to use and less strain on your back.  One last thing…do you have a room that is private and could accomodate a bedroom on the first floor so that you won’t have to climb stairs?  These are all things that make getting around easier.    Deborah Carducci

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