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A Shared Story: What Is To Come

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This particular Christmas season I have been dating a very special lady. I am within days of asking her to marry me. Just being with her makes everything seem magical, mystical and miraculous.  Each meal we share is a feast prepared with love, affection, and volumes of communication. We always seem to know what the other is thinking and feeling without even saying a word.

Each moment we spend together blossoms with awe and inspiration(!!!), prompting these words, "who would have thought?"

Each smile radiates so much love, pride and interest in knowing more about the other.

Her every touch electrifies my nervous system. Our exchanged looks communicate volumes of knowledge,understanding and longing for each other.

Who would ever think that one person would possess this much love and compassion for another?

There is a song titled, "Someone Exactly Like You". The lyrics barely scratch the surface of how much we mean to each other. I have been waiting and wanting to share these feelings all of my life.

The anticipation and excitement of spending a lifetime together offers daily untold possibilities yet to be discovered.

I thank you in advance for all that we will share and learn with this love of ours. Thank you for opening my heart.

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