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A Shared Story: The Day My Country Was Attacked

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At the time I was employed as a patrolman by The New York City Police Department. I was looking foward to spending a few days with my son,who was in the US Navy and going on shore leave.I arrived home at 8:30 am after doing the 12X8 midnight shift. As I was walking to my home,when a woman stopped me and told me that The Pentagon and World Trade Center was attacked. I kind of laugh it off,thinking to myself,who is that bold! It was to my total horror when I turn on the television and watched The World Trade Tower burning, I CRIED LIKE A BABY!! Soon after I was called by my command The 103 precint,to returned to work,which I did without any hesitation what so ever. There is no event that brings tears to my eyes so easily as 911 2001 for it was THE DAY MY COUNTRY WAS ATTACKED.

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