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A Shared Story: Reflections on Aging

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The human body is a wonderful machine. It can heal itself of minor injuries.  Its immune system can destroy many infections. It can adapt itself to mental and physical stresses. But one thing it cannot do is stop the aging process and its inevitable conclusion.

Most of us tend to ignore the aging process then we deny it. We may try to alter it with hair coloring, chemical stimulants, or cosmetic surgery. A few of us accept it, embrace it, and learn to deal with it.

With some professions, aging can be a positive factor, allowing you to gain wisdom and knowledge.

But with all the advances in medicine and science, we can delay it, but we can’t stop it. So how do we deal with it?

Along with exercise and proper diets, there is one other factor that can enhance the quality of our lives. That factor is LAUGHTER. Humans are one of the few animals on this earth that can laugh. Babies laugh over 100 times a day. Why? Because this is the only way they can express themselves and react to the wonderful new experiences they are discovering.

As we get older we don’t laugh as much. Why? Because a new instinct takes over: survival. But, when you’ve reached an age where survival is not a big factor in your life anymore, you learn to laugh a lot.

You might say, I’m 80 years old. I’m sick, I’m poor, and most of my friends are gone. What have I got to laugh about? Good point. If you are lucky enough to see the funny things in life, you can make other people laugh and also learn to laugh at yourself. Try to remember what made you laugh when you were young: movies, TV shows, comedians, and cartoons. With the magic of the Internet, you can relive those days over and over again. Laughing will make you feel good. It won’t stop the aging process and its inevitable conclusion, but you sure will have fun getting there. 

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