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A Shared Story: Catholic Mass Before Santa

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Christmas morning in our house was always quite an event. Having an older sister and older brother and mom and dad, my life included more than just us. We were blessed enough to care for foster children from Catholic Charities.

More than once we had four or five extra children in the house at one time.

For that reason, my parents made Christmas very special for all of us.

On Christmas morning it was rise and shine for the 9:00 AM mass at St Ann’s on Lynn St. Get dressed and meet down stairs for our walk to church. All together as a family of course!!

The front door to the living room was closed and locked shut. NO PEAKING to see if Santa came. Not before thanking God for all of our blessings.

After mass as we kids all rushed home ahead of our parents, we waited patiently at the front door. "Hurry, Hurry" we yelled back to our parents.

Upon entering the house we all got rushed into the kitchen for breakfast. No, not poptarts. Bacon and eggs, homefries and toast. Hot chocolate too!!!

Once all were fed and the kitchen cleaned, which we did real fast, we were allowed to go to the living room door. As we stood acting like we had ants in our pants, mom and dad slowly opened the door to a beautiful Christmas tree all lit up with all color lights and tinsle and hundreds of presents under the tree.

We must have all been very good that year because there was almost no room for us to sit on the floor and open our presents. We were amazed to see that Santa even knew we had extra kids in the house that year.

As I look back on my wonderful childhood memories I can only say " Thanks Mom and Dad " You were wonderful parents.

We all were blessed as were the lucky children from Catholic Charities that got to share our Christmases with us. I hope some of them remember the Good Ole Days of yesterday.

A Happy and Blessed Holiday

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