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A Healthy Heart Is A Happy Heart

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One of the main components that promote a heart healthy lifestyle is the proper diet. While there are plenty of heart health products to support you, the foods in your refrigerator can either make or break your success! Get familiar with the certain foods and best practices that aid in heart disease prevention.

  1. Control Your Portion Size. It’s important to watch what you eat, but it is equally as important to keep and eye on how much you eat. Portion control is key. Keep track of the number of servings you consume, as well as the size of the actual servings.
  2. Don’t Forget the Fruits and Vegetables. It may seem like basic knowledge, but the benefits of fruits and vegetables are endless! They serve as a great source of both vitamins and minerals that prevent heart disease. Both are low calorie food groups that are rich in dietary fiber. Fruits and vegetables are essential for a heart healthy diet.
  3. A Whole Lot of Whole Grains! Whole grains diet choices provide a source of fiber and nutrients that help regulate blood pressure and promote heart health.
  4. Eliminate Unhealthy Fats and Cholesterol! Saturated and trans fats increase cholesterol levels and contribute to plaque build up in arteries, causing coronary artery disease and significantly increase the risks for stroke and heart attack.
  5. Find Low-Fat Sources of Protein! Protein in essential, but the fats are not! Look for lean meat, poultry and fish when preparing your meals for a heart healthy lifestyle.
  6. Cut Back on the Sodium! Healthy adults should haven o more than a teaspoon of sodium per day. High levels of sodium contribute to high blood pressure, diabetes and chronic kidney disease.
  7. Plan Ahead! The best way to get on a heart healthy diet, is to get organized. Use a food prep board to lay out your meals ahead of time to control portion size and allow yourself a visual of exactly how many fruits and vegetables are included in your meal. Planning ahead allows you to be held accountable for what’s in your daily diet!
  8. Occasional Treats are O.K.! It’s ok to indulge every now and then. The key is to be sure they are not overindulgences and they are occasional, instead of regular diet choices.

When it comes to heart disease prevention, a balanced diet is the first step in the right direction. In addition to these diet tips, check out our products for heart health to guide you in the right direction! A healthy heart is a happy heart!
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