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A Guide For Caring For a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease

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Thank you! Thank you, National Institute on Aging for preparing, producing, and providing (for free, no less) this great guide for Caring For a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease. It is described as “easy to use,” and thankfully, they are absolutely right!

I remember standing by and watching helplessly as my father descended into the depths of dementia. I’m not alone – and that’s precisely the point. So many of us After Fiftiers have spouses, partners, parents, other loved ones or friends who been impacted by this disease. And if we are a significant or primary caregiver, the task can seem unending and overwhelming. I liken it to trying to push a boulder up a mountainside – without a cheering squad or water breaks.

Now that I’ve read through this guide, I am so enthusiastic about what the NIA has done. Yes, they help you understand the stages of Alzheimer’s and offer insight into symptoms and behaviors. Yes, they offer great references and resources. However, for you and me – and others who may be caregivers, you’ll especially find the sections on care for caregivers to be very valuable.

So, don’t waste any time – here’s a link so you can Read It Here or you can Order A Free Copy. Do it not only for your loved one, but for yourself!

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