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86 yr old former model finds love

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86 yr old former model finds love

An 86-year-old grandmother has found love again 24 years after her first husband passed. It’s not just that Millie Taylor-Morrison found love again well after her first husband of 41 years died in 1992, but that she is such a “radiant bride,” as Huffington Post reports. The former model, who stopped working in the industry only after having her fourth child, says she designed her purple dress herself.

The New Jersey couple went to the same church six decades before their Oct. 16 wedding, and Harold actually attended Millie’s first wedding—in 1952. Age is only a number, and it’s never too late to find love and look great doing it. Millie Taylor-Morrison has been featured in numerous articles over the past few days and all of them mention her impeccably designed attire.

“Nana” Millie Taylor-Morrison shared photos of her super stylish wedding day on Facebook and has since been something of an internet sensation. Nana Millie proves love at any age never goes out of style.


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