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8 Simple Ways To Grow Happier With Age

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8 Simple Ways To Grow Happier With Age
As you age, the more you know, the more likely that you will feel like “you know everything.” With age, we really do gain a lot of experience, and really are right about most things. At some point, though, you may feel there’s very little left to learn.  An equally large problem is that people develop defense mechanisms against realizing that they’ve become closed minded.
So how can you avoid becoming too closed-minded – too “set-in-your-ways” – as you age? Here are 8 Simple Ways To Grow Happier With Age!

Explore new ideas

Be curious. Ask questions. Then ask follow-up questions. Creativity encourages you to discover new realities just for the fun of it, making any obstacle irrelevant. Take classes in something that seems a little crazy. Don’t think whatever you did in your past was always better. Allow yourself to get into situations where you are not an expert. When you have no idea what you are doing, you are required to be humble and to learn like a little child. Humility enables learning.

Explore new places

Travel more & Meet locals. Have meals with them. Hear their stories. If you can live in another country for more than a year. Hang out with locals when you do. Spend an extended amount of time abroad, and don’t just hang out with other travelers. Don’t just learn another language; live in another language. There’s really no better way to stay open to new perspectives and possibilities than by making yourself available to as many new experiences as you possibly can.

Do Not Dwell On The Past

Focus on the present moment and on the near future. It is important to value memories but also to understand that the past is out of our control and the far future is about as predictable as the weather.

Disconnects us from our social lives

Explore New Sounds

They did not stop making good music when you graduated from college. Turn off the classic rock station and find out what is happening out there. And go see some local bands.

Ask and listen more

Develop a learner’s perspective. Never consider yourself done and having arrived, but always in the process. Don’t just ask questions about what someone’s beliefs are: try to see the world from their point of view. Really listen to people, value them. Don’t discount others’ experiences. Reinvention doesn’t mean you’ve failed at one thing, it means that you’re a human who’s pursued various passions.

Avoid comparisons

Don’t let your ego get the better of you

Only the foolish believe themselves to be sufficient in all regards. A good idea is a good idea, regardless of whether or not you came up with it. If someone has great advice to give, take it.

Befriend new people

Especially those who have different beliefs, personal backgrounds & interests. Don’t always be in the company of people your age. Mix it up with some younger people – and learn their thoughts.

Explore new trends

Keep in touch with latest trends around you and adopt a few. Try watching new movies or listening to albums from genres that you normally don’t identify with. Stay with them past the initial periods of discomfort and try to understand what it is about this movie or song that resonates with people who do enjoy or prefer it.

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