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7 Tips on Planning a Second “Encore” Career in Retirement

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7 Tips on Planning a Second “Encore” Career in Retirement

An Encore Career is the work that is chosen in the second half of life and during retirement which combines personal meaning, social impact, and income. The term “encore career” became popular because of the book titled Encore: Finding Work That Matters In The Second Half Of Life by Marc Freedman. Encore careers are often found in public interest fields, social services, charities and non-profit organizations.

Over 8 million Americans ranging in age from 44 to 70 are launching encore careers, and many others are interested in them. Many people are working much longer than the traditional mid-60’s retirement age for many reasons.

Have you thought about a second career? Many people nearing retirement age realize many of us now have longer lifespans and haven’t saved enough to help us create the lifestyle we desire. Sometimes we are concerned about running out of retirement savings and other times we want to stay active, social and engaged by working and earning income.

7 Tips To Plan Your Encore Career

Match your skill set, interests, and personality to your second career.

There are many self-assessment quizzes such as the one at  Start taking the steps toward preparing for your next career. It’s important to work toward your goals and to begin preparing for your encore career in your 50’s and early 60’s, before you retiree.

Research any new niches or specialties where you have an interest.

Look at the job growth and do some research. There always seems to be needs in healthcare and education. As you do your research and make your decisions, consider if you want a flexible schedule or if you want to own your own business and put in the hours required.

There are many specialty websites for retirees, senior citizens and those over 50 years of age.

Some of those sites include AARP’s annual list of the Best Employers for Workers Over 50,,,, and

Age discrimination isn’t a joke.

Employers don’t want to hire someone that is going to be with them for just a couple of years. You’ll have to sell yourself that you are going to be able to be with them long enough to make an impact.

Consider internships, fellowships, volunteering or even moonlighting to see if the position or field could be a fit for you as an encore career.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions so you can make the decision that is best for you.

The income from a second career could be very different from what you were accustomed to earning.

Look into all the opportunities for tax breaks, tuition discounts and anything provided for retirees and encore careers.

It’s never too late to start an encore career.

Age is just a number, and personal health, energy level, and your spirit are going to help you make it in your encore career as an employee or as an entrepreneur.

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