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7 Things You Should Save for Your Grandchildren

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7 Things You Should Save for Your Grandchildren
Money, toys, and games come and go, but if you want to give your grandchildren a gift that will last, there are other items that can help kids learn more about your story, themselves, and their family. What children really value is your attention and they appreciate the grandparent who’s prepared to stand in, teach them and inspire them. These presents aren’ always the trendiest items on shelves, but they are more valuable and will help your grandkids for years to come.

Your family history

There was a time when TV and computers were not present to record and pass the information along to the next generation. People used to sit around the campfire or kitchen table sharing stories of the past. Forever memories being instilled in the minds of young people so they too could later in life recall and tell them to their own children. We all can continue to share stories with our children, telling of those good old days of personal episodes. Don’t think children never hear you and your stories, because they do, even though you may doubt it. Children do listen and want to hear true, sincere, funny and scary tales dug up from the past and then they tell their friends.

Your classic family recipe

If Grandma always made her sauce for lasagna from scratch, it is time to share that secret sauce that made everyone feel at home. That recipe will be a priceless gift for generations to come. If there are family stories behind the recipes, make sure to write those down, too.

Your wedding album

Wedding albums are classic, timeless and beautiful pieces of history. A printed photograph displayed in a beautiful, hand-crafted wedding album does something that a digital file cannot do, and by passing on your beloved wedding photos, your love story will continue to inspire generations after you.

A newspaper from the day they were born

Do you know what was happening in the news the day you were born? Save a newspaper from the day that your grandchild was born and share it with them once they are old enough to appreciate it. In this digital age, only the fact that the newspaper or magazine is made of paper will impress them.

A classic toy

Many people lament the “disappearance” of childhood “treasures”. There’s no need to fill your attics with boxes of old toys but it would be great to pass to the next generation one toy or board game that meant a lot to you when you were their age. Plus, many classic toys are timeless.

The family “archive”

It’s difficult to know what will hold sentimental value to another person. In general, documents like military discharge papers, wedding licenses and even old passports all intrigue grandchildren and can help them learn more about your personal journey and who you were before you were their grandparent.

A piece of “vintage” clothing

Vintage clothing is super trendy these days. So, saving a few of your favorite piece for your children and grandchildren could be a great way to preserve the history and also pass along something that could be worth a little money. Also, they will love seeing what was “hot” back in the day.

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