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7 High Protein Snacks You Should Be Eating

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7 High Protein Snacks You Should Be Eating

High protein snacks provide energy and sustenance throughout the day. Often known as the “building block” of the body, protein is important for repairing tissue and fighting infection- which means less colds during winter months. It’s important to build protein into your snacks, especially, because while a bag of chips or a handful of candy is delicious, it won’t keep you satisfied until dinner. High-protein snacks also help keep your blood sugar even, explains Lara Metz, RDN. When picturing high-protein foods, many people’s minds immediately jump to meat, but there are so many more options available!

Here is our top list of high protein snacks you should buy during your next visit to the local grocer.

Avocado On A Rice Cake

Cottage Cheese

Close-up of homemade cottage cheese with strawberry, blueberries and blackberry, horizontal stock photo

Greek Yogurt

A bowl of greek yogurt with honey


Hard Boiled Eggs

Organic Hard Boiled Eggs Ready to Eat



Cashews close-up in wooden spoon on sackcloth

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