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7 Easy Ways to Be a Complete Failure (at everything)

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7 Easy Ways to Be a Complete Failure (at everything)

Some failures are useful, but not all. Most people are already failing before they even get started. Success is not an easy task, requires hard work and avoiding shortcuts. Failure is much easier. In fact, If you want to be a complete failure at everything you do, read on these easy steps for you. If you’re like most of us, you’re probably managing some of them already pretty well. On the flip side,  if you’re still set on being a big success avoid these and you’ll automatically be on the right track.

Pursuing Other People’s Dreams . We all know of very successful people who are terribly unhappy, and quite ordinary people who are very happy. Happiness is the art of taking pleasure in what you have. Unhappiness is the art of focusing on what you don’t have. A perfect path to be a complete failure is to get your definition of success utterly wrong from the start, basing your dreams on the wrong ambitions. The only true success that exists is when we find a way live doing exactly what we want. When you wake up every morning and create your day exactly how you dream it to be, that is success.

Try to please everyone. There will be people who are uncomfortable with what you are doing, and unfortunately, some of them will be people you care about. It’s okay; just keep your mouth shut and pursue your dreams without their approval. Pretty soon, you’re going to start noticing new people coming into your life whose hearts sing on your behalf.

Search for Instant Success

There is no such a thing as instant success. At least, not when it comes to true success. True success comes from hard work and patience. You’ll learn that the most important relationships, the best gigs, the best customers are all worth waiting for, even if it means eating ramen noodles for a year. If you’re unwilling to do the work, then don’t even bother. Go back to your couch. Leave success to those who actually want it. Those who are willing to earn it. The road to success will be full of tough patches. If you want to be a complete failure, that first period of discomfort is the time to quit. Don’t ever try to see something through to the end. It’s just too much work.

Asking for help is for losers
To be a complete failure, you have to insist on doing everything alone. You “do not need help”. Try to do everything on your own. Whatever happens, let it be a small thing or big, easy or hard, try to do everything by yourself. Don’t expect anyone to help us. Also never relay on others.   You should never admit to anything that makes you look weak. Of course,

Stay In Your Comfort Zone
New things require work and patience If you ever get the opportunity to do something new, avoid it at all costs. Living in your comfort zone is all about doing what is safe and easy: you know the outcome. Stay right inside your cosy comfort zone, and never stretch or challenge yourself.  It’s almost impossible to grow and learn while stuck inside your comfort zone. So the best recipe for a complete failure is making sure you never have the chance to realize what your full potential is.

Nobody is smarter than you are. The day you stop learning is the day you stop improving yourself. Collaboration has become an essential ingredient for  success. Large organizations understand this concept.  The fact is all successful people are successful because they continuously learned to be even more successful.

By nature, we human beings are apparently lazy and want to be or live comfortably.  As forming the habit of procrastination is gradual, it is hard to realize itIf you want to fail at everything, procrastination is the key ingredient. Most importantly, the main problem with procrastination is related with time, and once wasted, time can never be expanded and repeated.  Put everything off till the last minute and then put it off a bit longer.

The sooner you face failure, the sooner you can find success. You must understand that failing is a part of life. If you’re not regularly failing at something or another, that simply means you’re not trying anything new. There’s a huge difference between failing and being a failure. The longer you hide failure, the worse it gets.

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