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Over 50? There’s An App For That! 7 Best Apps For Baby Boomers.

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Over 50? There’s An App For That! 7 Best Apps For Baby Boomers.

With the amount technological advances that we get to experience on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that we find the latest phone, tablet or software less and less user-ready. While millennials have grown up with the digital age at their finger tips, the learning curve for baby boomers can sometimes hinder the ability to appreciate the latest and greatest device.

Here are 7 apps that will make you look more tech-savvy then you’ve ever thought possible.

1. HeyTell (for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android; free). HeyTell is voice-based tool that lets you send, receive and record texts and calls with the touch of a single button. It not only instantly connects you to friends and family vocally, but also shows everyone’s location, in case you need to find each other. Messages also can be saved and exported to Facebook and email.

2.Eye Reader (iPhone; $1.99). Stop squinting at restaurant menus or trying to read your theater program in the dark. The Eye Reader lets you use your iPhone 4’s LED light to magnify and illumine small print. The creator says an Android version is in the works, and promises more helpful tools to come in his Silver Apps series for the 45-and-over crowd.

3. Instant Heart Rate (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android; free). Place your finger over the LED camera, and in 10 seconds you’ll know how fast your heart is beating — no external hardware needed.The upgraded version (99 cents for Apple, $2.99 for Android) allows you to customize an exercise routine and track your progress, and includes a target heart-rate zone calculator.

4. Siri (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad; free). “A digital concierge” Siri is a task-oriented, vocal-based app. It goes through the information on your phone — your networks, your contacts — and makes recommendations based on what it thinks you’ll like.

5. 5Star Urgent Response. Many boomers live alone or have aging parents who are still living in their own homes. If you or a loved one is concerned about being able to quickly get help in case of an emergency, accident or illness, there are apps available that can quickly connect you to emergency help and communicate your medical information to first responders. iPhone users can check out the 5Star Urgent Response Personal Safety & Emergency Help App (with GPS Locator).

6. Luminosity. Keeping your mind active and sharp is key to aging well. The Luminosity app, available on iPad and Android tablets trains your memory and attention. Used by over 60 million people worldwide, Luminosity creates a Training Program that challenges your brain. A limited version is free for download; you can then subscribe monthly or yearly for the full version.

7. OurTime is a site that caters to the 50+ year-olds wanting to find a casual or deep relationship. Use of the site includes a monthly fee for paying members, and includes features such as photos, video, and audio greetings — just in case you want to see and hear your potential match.

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