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5 Things to Avoid Doing to Your Dog

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5 Things to Avoid Doing to Your Dog

Devoted dog owners often have to learn how to train their pets through trial and error. These are some things to avoid doing to your dog in the process.  Do you do any of these things?

#1 Dogs are not babies

Even though their intelligence levels have been compared by some to a human toddler,  do not treat your dog like a human baby. For example, don’t pick them up whenever another dog comes close). Let your dog be a dog! Love your dogs, care for them, and set rules and boundaries not because you can, but because you want to protect them.

#2 Most table foods we give to our dogs are very bad for them

Yes, it is easy to get trapped by the sad eyes looking up at us while.  They stare, they cry, their tales wag and we eventually give in.  The fact is that most table foods we give to our dogs are very bad for them and we could be creating some pretty bad habits.  Dairy products, grapes, chocolate, caffeine, and onions are just a few of the many things that you should never give to your dog. The list is quite extensive and includes azaleas, alcohol, wild mushrooms, tulips, avocados, macadamia nuts, grapes, and tomato plants. In addition to household chemicals and insecticides, dogs like to get into garden fare and food scraps that you like to share.

#3 Neglect Medical Care

Regular visits to the vet ensure your dog is up to date on shots, is free of major dental problems, and can live longer. An annual visit at the very least is recommended, but if you are experiencing financial challenges, look for low-cost pet clinics in your area.

#4 Don’t Use Physical Punishment

When Rusty chews up your favorite pair of shoes or poops on your white carpet, you might be tempted to pop him on the tush. Don’t! For one thing, you’re teaching your dog to fear you, rather than respect you

#5 Take Puppies and Untrained Dogs to a Dog Park

Untrained dogs are susceptible to peer pressure and bullies. Letting them run free with dogs who, may have questionable manners and habits could open them up to bad influences. Worse, they could become targets for meanies. Scope out parks first and see who’s who, looking for a fair play or an empty park.

Finally, remember consistency, consistency, consistency. Dogs primarily understand in black and white terms, so any grey areas can confuse them, which can lead to your pup feeling frustrated and/or completely disregarding your commands.

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