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Reasons To Love Being Over 50

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5 Reasons To Love Being Over 50
5 Reasons To Love Being Over 50
Turning 21, 30, and even 40 may have it’s perks, but being over 50 may take the cake. So get that ID ready because when you turn 50, you magically become eligible for some pretty amazing senior discounts through AARP.

Check out our top reasons why being 50+ is AWESOME!

Quirkiness is Cute

After age 50, the “Wow! S/he’s kinda quirky!” becomes “Isn’t s/he incredible!” Use this to your advantage and let your creative juices flow. Don’t be afraid to let your freak flag fly- Elizabeth Sweetheart, 74, Brooklyn, is known as the Green Lady of Carroll Gardens for her evergreen approach to life. For the past 20 years she has been seen dressed head to toe in a bright lime green, with hair dyed to match. “I’ve just become green — I can’t wear any other color,” she said. So go ahead, become the fuchsia wearing neighbor of Fairfield Connecticut, you may end up in the New York Times.

We can reinvent ourselves: In the years after 50, we may find ourselves with more opportunities to develop, and harvest new and existing aspirations. It’s never too late to finally figure out a way to open that flower shop on Main St. or enter a “Strong Man” competition. Life is what we make it, and we can do…Anything!

We are fountains of knowledge

When we’re over 50, we may find that younger generations conclude that WE know LOTS! And, that’s right!  We’ve learned lots through our life experiences and many of us are willing to both share the wisdom and enjoy the moment! Take those calls from kids or grandkids with fervor. They’re dying to know what you think.

Forget about contraception

Most likely. While it is biologically possible for some women to get pregnant after 50, it’s generally much, much harder and less likely: Women older than 47 account for just .01% of births. So enjoy yourself.  You and your partner can be (likely) worry free.

No FoMo (Fear Of Missing Out)

In your 20s and 30s & 40s , you might have felt guilt, perhaps, anxiety if your Saturday night was spent in your sweatpants on the couch rather than out being social. Whether you’re married or single,being over 50 means that you have the confidence to know that a weekend night in doesn’t impede on your social life.

With age comes confidence, freedom, wisdom, reinvention and creativity, and THAT is really cool!

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