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5 Health Mistakes People Over 50 Need to Avoid – Especially Now

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5 Health Mistakes People Over the Age of 50 Need to Avoid
5 Health Mistakes People Over the Age of 50 Need to Avoid
With so much conflicting health information out there, it’s easy for most people to fall into unhealthy eating habits without even realizing it. That is especially true for people over 50 trying to stay healthy and fit in these complex times. When it comes to staying fit, people tend to make the same mistakes over and over again, unknowingly sabotaging their efforts.

In order to keep living your healthiest, liveliest life possible, there are certain health mistakes you need to stop making immediately. Here are the ones to fix to ensure many more years to come.

Be Careful of Social Media “Success Stories”

Social media can be very harmful, especially if you see an endless stream of gloating Facebook posts and self-congratulatory LinkedIn updates: evidence has suggested that there is a link between high Facebook activity and depression. The irony of Facebook – a platform designed to make us more sociable – is that the site has been linked to depression – a condition that can result in withdrawal and social isolation. You can choose what you pay attention to, so choose what makes you happy.

Train your brain to stay sharp

As we grow older, we all start to notice some changes in our ability to remember things. Most of the fleeting memory problems that we experience with age reflect normal changes in the structure and function of the brain. Thanks to decades of research, there are various strategies we can use to protect and sharpen our minds. Here are seven you might try. If you want to improve your memory and thinking skills, you have to train your brain like you’d train your body for a marathon.

Beware of your ‘midlife crisis’

Today’s middle-aged people find themselves torn between the established norms of the baby-boomer generation and the more self-aware, emotionally articulate members of Generation Y. The dreaded “midlife crisis” has many middle-aged folks worrying about their health, happiness, relationships, and bodies more than ever. But WebMD notes now’s a good time to be thankful for all the great things you still have in your life. It might also be the time to seek out the advice from a mental health professional if you feel like you’re about to make a rash, life-disrupting decision. If you do feel as if you need a life change, they can help guide you in a healthy direction.

Sleep enough

If you’re not getting between seven and nine hours of sleep a night, then you may be doing your body and mind a serious disservice. Adults need this amount of sleep to function at their best. And if you’re above the age of 60, seven to eight hours should be enough.If you’re dealing with sleep issues, you’re not alone. Many over the age of 55 report difficulty falling asleep or waking up exhausted. It’s important to mention these problems to a doctor so your quality of life doesn’t suffer.

Eat Better

When the first US dietary guidelines were released in 1980, fat was deemed as something you should avoid. It was a sentiment that drove the diet industry for the next 20 years, even as obesity rates continued to climb. It turns out, fat was probably never the problem to begin with and some healthy fats could actually help you lose weight. Unfortunately, some people still believe this outdated advice. Fat is an important macronutrient that will help you feel full, give you much-needed nutrients, and could even lower bad cholesterol. Stick to healthy monounsaturated fats, like the ones found in olive oil, almonds, peanut butter, and avocados.

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