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3 things to not care about now that you’re over 50

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3 things to not care about now that you’re over 50

After 50, there are certain things that you just no longer need to concern yourself with. You’re passed the point of constant fear about “fitting in” and the idea that you need to change who you are to do so just doesn’t exist anymore.

Not being “Hip”. We are in a weird time in history where make-believe words are used in every day language. You don’t need to be saying “bae” or “on fleek”. You’re wise with life experience and you know that these trendy linguistics are fleeting. It’s not worth looking them up online because they will be gone before you know it.

Someone not liking your fashion sense. You know how to dress, you know what you feel good in, and you know what looks good. Not wearing the latest brand? No big deal. Not “dressing appropriately” for your age, don’t even worry about it. You know who you are and you can dress how you want.

If someone doesn’t agree with you. Argue your point and if you can’t agree, you’re probably right.Feel secure in your opinion and understand that not everyone thinks the same way as you. Feel confident in your opinion and don’t be surprised if your advice is often sought out.


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