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2017 Is All About Intentions, Not Resolutions

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2017 Is All About Intentions, Not Resolutions

Out of the millions of Americans who set a New Year’s resolution for themselves only 8% are successful at achieving them. No matter our ages, setting an intention and building a lifestyle around that goal can be the motivation you need.

You’re never to old for change. Creating an intention for whatever it is you’re looking to achieve can provide you with deeper understanding of why you are wanting the change to occur. An easy exercise for intention setting is to start by sitting up straight and taking a few minutes to check in with your body and allow your muscles to relax. Quietly or with a pen and paper ask yourself, “What is my motivation for change in this new year?” Whatever you take as your primary motivation is at the center.

It is up to you as to what you would like your life to revolve around. Is it your career, romance, grandchildren? A quality you want to cultivate? Meditation practice itself? It’s important to figure it out, and then intentionally develop a support structure like a community or a companion looking to follow the same approach to 2017.

As we begin the new year, we can take a fresh start approach to our life. You can reflect on your intention for entering the new year. Looking at your intentions will provide you with motivation to keep the fire of intentional change flowing all year.

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