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16 Anti-Aging Tips We Need to Know

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16 Anti-Aging Tips We Need to Know
For every woman over 55 who’s still spending money on dubious anti-aging pills and potions that promise miraculous results, there’s another who knows what it really takes to stay young-looking and healthy. This article will aim to help you become the latter.

Because the truth is, there are no anti-aging “tricks.” There are no fast miracles.

When it comes to looking your best over 55, it all boils down to good old common sense. Lots of women have strayed from the path of general, time-tested wisdom about aging well. They’ve fallen prey to quick fixes backed by nothing but empty promises.

To reacquaint you with what truly works to help keep you looking and feeling great, here are some reminders (16, to be exact). This anti-aging advice is grouped into four categories:

  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle

Within each section, you’ll find several mini-tips for a well-rounded anti-aging campaign that will carry you through the next decade and beyond.

Never Forget the 4 Basic Rules of Good Health

Lots of women wonder how celebs and models do it: stay young-looking and fabulous decade after decade. Well, take it from one of the most beautiful women in the world who’s managed to stay that way into her 50’s: Cindy Crawford. Her anti-aging regimen is based upon these four basic guidelines:

1. Drink lots of water
2. Exercise regularly
3. Eat right
4. Get enough sleep

There’s nothing new here, of course. You’ve heard it all before. But many of us need to hear it again (and again). Lay the foundation for aging well by following these four basic tenets of good health. Sounds so simple and basic but judging by the results of women like Ms. Crawford and fellow 50-something model Veronica Webb, they work!

Have questions about exercise? Read this article with 14 fitness tips for people over 55.

Shake Up Your Beauty Routine

As we grow older, it’s easy to sink into beauty routines that age us. From the colors we wear to the way we apply eyeliner, our beauty habits need updating at least once a year… not once per decade!

Plus, aging skin needs extra pampering so your old routine might not suffice any longer. For example:

5. Use primer.
If you wear foundation, you might want to consider applying a primer over your moisturizer before you apply the foundation. Primers smooth out the skin and some can even make skin look more radiant.

6. Use concealer wisely.
Another beauty tip: keep the concealer away from crow’s feet. Concealer works for dark circlesbut it only seems to enhance the visibility of any wrinkles you may have.

And a few more…

7. No Nude Lips
Since your lips lose color as you age, it’s time to give up on the ‘nude lip’ trend. You need color to brighten your complexion, not a skin tone on your lips that will only serve to wash out your features.

8. Consider a liquid foundation
The name of the anti-aging game here is “moisturizing.” If you use a powder foundation, you could be drying out your skin. You may actually be highlighting your wrinkles that way, too! Try a good liquid foundation and see if it makes a difference.

9. Go easy on the heavy eyeliner
True, maybe your lashes are thinning out a bit. Heavy eyeliner is your way of adding definition to your eyes. The problem is, that technique will only make your eyes look smaller. Try easing back on the liner for a more natural, fresh look.

Remember makeup helps signs of aging, but it doesn’t correct them. Want to reverse aging from the inside out? Go back to tip number 1 – drink lots of water. Click here to learn about the many benefits of staying hydrated.

Stop Aging Yourself with Misguided Fashion Choices

There are things we often do that we think make us look younger but tend to have the opposite effect. Wearing muted colors is one of them. Here are your fashion tips:

10. Wear lively colors
So many women, when they reach a certain age, feel it’s inappropriate to wear bright colors. Either they’re afraid to draw attention to themselves or they think dull colors go better with their skin tone. Both notions are misguided. Pale gray, beige, and mauve may seem like great colors for your age group,but in reality, these muted tones can make you look washed out (in other words, “older”).

11. Don’t wear baggy clothing
A dull color palette is one problem,but wearing baggy clothing is really the chief fashion faux pas 55+ women make. If you’ve filled your closet with big, baggy clothing that’s meant to hide an expanding waistline, you’re not really doing yourself a big favor. In fact, you’re probably not camouflaging your bulges but rather making yourself look even heavier (and older) than you are.

Instead, try choosing tailored clothing that follows the natural curves of your body. Wearing what amounts to a giant bag with armholes doesn’t help anyone look better, no matter what age they are!

Get Serious About Finally Ditching Bad Habits

While there are lots of things you can do to look and feel younger, there are lots of things to stop doing, too. Every woman has at least a few bad health habits that aren’t doing her skin or body any good. There’s a myth that once you hit your 50’s the damage has been done… so why stop now?

That myth is completely false. As your doctor would tell you, it’s never too late to eradicate bad habits from your lifestyle — especially if, like smoking, they’re bad for your health. Here’s where to concentrate your efforts, and why:

12. Stop excessive drinking
It leads to excess calories and the risk of substance abuse.

13. Don’t get too much sun
This can lead to UV damage to the skin.

14. Stop sitting around too much
According to the Mayo Clinic, this can lead to cardiovascular problems or even cancer.

15. Don’t isolate yourself
Staying social is good for your mental health.

16. Quit smoking
You’ll reduce your risk of serious, chronic health issues.

Want to replace those bad habits with some new, good ones? Try yoga. It benefits the mind, body, and spirit. Click here to read why yoga is perfect for older adults.

Looking Forward

Investing in yourself in all these ways could turn out to be the best thing you do all year. Life can be whatever you make it out to be, and looking good and feeling great set the tone for whatever lies ahead. So, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time to start working on yourself than right now.

Bonus tip!

Remove stress from your life. Stress can advance the signs of aging, and one of the most common causes of stress is unwanted clutter. How can you fix this? Downsize. It will provide a feeling of renewal, and if you decide to sell some of your items it could also provide a little extra income. With more money and less stress you will immediately begin to feel younger. Click here to read 8 tips for downsizing your home.

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