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15 things that Grandparents should avoid saying!

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15 things that Grandparents should avoid saying!

15 things that Grandparents should avoid saying!

Of course, grandparents have a right to their opinions, but a few of these can get them in trouble. From unwelcome judgments to unsolicited advice, here are a few things perhaps they should avoid saying!

For new grandparents:

  1. “I have the perfect name for the baby!”
  2. “That name you picked might be bad luck – it was the name of auntie Andrea’s son who passed away tragically”
  3. “Isn’t that a cat’s name?”
  4. “Are you still breastfeeding? Don’t you think he’s a little old for that?”
  5. “Should you be letting her eat that? She’s getting a little chunky, don’t you think?”
  6. “That’s not how I used to do that.” (accompanied by a doubtful expression or disapproving frown)
  7. “In my day, we didn’t breastfeed because we were more conscious of our looks. We didn’t want our husbands to have to spend the rest of their lives looking at saggy breasts.”

For grandparent babysitting

8. Don’t send everybody on a guilt trip: “I’ll only be alive for a few more years, but if you want to spend Christmas in Hawaii, that’s fine . . . ” is exactly the type of behavior that should never occur

9. If one of the kids misses the parents, do not tell them they cannot bother Mommy and Daddy on vacation. Put the iPad in their hands and let them Skype them.

When visiting your grandchildren

10. ”Don’t be so uptight. It’s okay to relax the rules a little bit when Grandma’s here!”

11. Looking around the room: “It must be hard to keep the house clean when you’re gone so much at work.”

To your grandchildren

12. “Your brother is better than you at [fill in the blank].

13. You’re my favorite grandchild.”

14. “Don’t worry – you’ll grow out of this stage!

15.  “Did you get good grades this year?

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