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15 Cool and Unusual Retirement Jobs

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15 Cool and Unusual Retirement Jobs
15 Cool and Unusual Retirement Jobs

If you’re going to work during retirement, the second career might as well be a fun job for retirees. The image decades ago was moving to a location with a scenic view with the perfect weather where you could live a vacation style lifestyle or moving near children so you can enjoy the grandchildren.

Today’s reality for retirees is much different. Many retirees don’t want the sedentary lifestyle and also want to earn an extra income with finding part-time work for retirees.

There are a lot of retirees that plan to work jobs after retirement for income as well as for pleasure. There are some exciting job and various opportunities for good part-time jobs for retirees.

Fun Jobs For Retirees

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts

If you are skilled at upcycling an item or creating something, there’s a market for your goods. Can you create a terrarium, miniature fairy garden, mend garments, refinish a piece of furniture, paint a picture, make candles, crochet, knit or make soaps? You can sell online at popular sites like or locally at places such as a farmer’s market. Arts and Crafts can turn into jobs after retirement for those who are skilled in this area.

Camping and Working

If you love to spend time in an RV, many campgrounds, amusement parks, resorts, and parks will exchange a campsite for work. “” has coined the phrase “workamping” and helps match RVers with potential employers. Workamping might provide some of the best jobs for retirees who love spending time in an RV.

Dance Instructor

If you love dancing, share this beautiful art with others. Every seven and a half seconds, a baby boomer turns 60—which means dance classes for senior citizens can be viewed as a growth industry. Dancing helps keep you active, and it has so many benefits for our mental, physical, and emotional health. Teaching others something you are passionate about can provide fun jobs for retirees. The benefits of dance and fitness classes for senior citizens are well documented, including the data cited in a 2014 Saint Louis University research study: improved posture, bone density, and stamina; less stress and tension; and a reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and diabetes.


In today’s workforce, many parents need babysitters that are available other than 6 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday. If you live near an airport or in a major city and can provide babysitting services for those whose careers don’t line up with traditional schedules, you’re going to stay super busy providing quality and reliable childcare. Of course, there’s always a need for the 6 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday shifts too. You can make more by getting certified in First Aid and CPR, being willing to have a background check completed and following all state regulations. is a place to look for opportunities that suit your availability and skill set and can provide seniors with jobs after retirement that are flexible and purposeful.

House Sitting

Help take care of someone else’s home while they are away. Free board is always part of the caretaking job, and occasionally there’s compensation if it is a wealthy person’s property. House Sitting can be a great job for retirees because most owners will feel comfortable with mature caretakers being in their home.

Join the Gig Economy

The gig economy can provide great jobs for retirees. Working gigs is thriving, and there’s room for retirees to jump on board too. Take your skills and talents and turn them into a gig which may be your encore career.

Like driving?

If you miss your daily commute, consider taking a part-time position working for Juno, Lyft or Uber. You get to set your hours, earn an income, discover new areas and meet people. Becoming a driver can provide enjoyable employment for seniors.

Love Disney?

If thoughts of Disney makes you smile, you must visit as they have over a dozen perfect jobs for retirees. There are retirement jobs for helping others, working at Epcot, selling tickets, or dressing up like a Disney character.

Nonprofit Work

Your retirement job may let you do good deeds for others. There are many charitable work opportunities, and if you find one with something you’re passionate about, it could create a perfect retirement job. Visit to see if there is something that is a fit as a dream retirement job. You could even volunteer first to be sure you discover the best fit.


Do you like to perform? How about providing entertainment at birthday parties or family reunions? Can you do some magic? Can you juggle? Are you a puppeteer or ventriloquist? Put those skills to work! Do you love clowns? If you can pass a background check, this may be a perfect opportunity for you to turn your hobby into an income. Everyone is always looking for entertainment for something!

Pet Care Provider

If you love pets, there’s many pet-loving individuals, couples, and families that need a trustworthy person to care for their pets from time to time. Dog walking, pet sitting or even pet-related errands could be a good retirement career for you.

Remember Love Boat?

Cruise ships still need friendly crew members to help entertain, take pictures, do various tasks, work in the gift shop, and more. It’s a way you can travel for work, see a few sights, and earn an income. Check out the Carnival cruise website for more information. Working on cruise ships might provide fun jobs for retirees.

Work At A Park

If you’ve spent a lot of years in an office and love nature, becoming a park ranger, working in a park gift shop or restaurant at a park might become your dream retirement job. There are many positions available at national, state, and city parks. There may even be an opportunity to volunteer at a park to see if it is a fit before you commit to accepting a position. Visit websites of parks you like and the Aramark website for openings.

Is there something your friends
call and ask you to do?

Do you hang ceiling fans? Do you restore an antique mirror? Do you know how to garden or can foods? These could be teaching opportunities as there are people who want to learn how to do things. There are also people that will pay you to do these things for them. There are numerous unusual jobs that retirees can do. Brainstorm and you might just come up with jobs for senior citizens that are in demand.

Today’s retiree is retired but not retiring. Most retirees have a new kind of job during retirement which gives them flexibility like they’ve never experienced with their previous career. If you’re not ready for the front porch swing and are prepared for a fun second career, visit and to see if you can locate the retirement job that is just what you want.

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