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At 105, This French Cyclist Is Making History

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At 105, This French Cyclist Is Making History

A French Centenarian named Robert Marchand, made cycling history on Wednesday by covering 14.08 miles in one hour on a track near Paris at the age of 105 years old.

Marchand, a cyclist with huge following in France, was cheered on by hundreds of fans as he rode round the velodrome at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines with the number 105 on his back.

With his previous record of 16.73 miles, Marchand couldn’t help but tell journalists he could have done better.

“I didn’t see the notice telling me I had 10 minutes left,” he said. “If I had, I would have been a bit quicker. I would have done better.”

He said he would celebrate by having “a bite to eat with all my pals.” When journalists asked if he’d race again, his answer was wise. “You are nine months in the making. But it takes you only 30 seconds to drop dead,” Marchand said.

Robert was born in 1911 in northern France, and started riding a bike when he was 14. It wouldnt’ be until he was 67 that he took cycling more seriously. He trained for six months for his performance on Wednesday.

When Marchand turned 100, he set a record for his age, cycling 100 kms or 62.13 in four hours, 17 minutes and 27 seconds. An amazing fete for any cyclist at any age.

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