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10 ways to look and feel younger

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10 ways to look and feel younger
Aging is a natural part of getting older, and while we all should embrace our age, it doesn’t mean we have to look and feel like a geezer. Our lifestyles and diets play a significant role in how young our bodies look and feel. Follow these tips for a healthy, happy, good-looking body.

Sleep well

Doctors recommend everyone gets seven to eight hours of sleep a night, no more, no less. It’s a happy medium – chronic lack of sleep, or poor-quality sleep, has an impact on our daily lives. We feel bad, and we get some pretty hideous circles under our eyes. On the flip side, if we get too much sleep, we tend to wake up looking swollen and feeling sluggish throughout the day. Good quality sleep will keep you fresh and energetic.

How important Is Aerobic Exercise to Successful Aging?

Exercise Makes You Look Younger

We all know we need to exercise. The benefits are numerous, but as far as aging goes, it’s particularly important. When you get your heart pumping (within reason – don’t overdo it!) it circulates nutrients and brings oxygen to your flesh, and kick-starts the collagen production process of building younger skin. The effect? Radiant, youthful skin. If that weren’t enough, exercise is as good for the mind as the body, leaving you sharp and energetic. Exercise is also an excellent method for managing stress.

If you smoke, you should stop today!

You no doubt know your little habit is deadly. You probably also know it’s terrible for your skin. Just to drive it home a little more – according to the Mayo Clinic, smoking damages collagen and elastin, both of which produce a youthful glow. Lack of collagen means loose, saggy skin. Chemicals in cigarette smoke chronically rob skin cells of oxygen, resulting in pale, uneven flesh.

So if your health isn’t a reason to stop puffing, maybe your vanity will help you kick the habit. Here are some more ways smoking affects your looks: increase in wrinkled skin, yellowing of teeth and a major contributor of gum disease, tired bags hang under the eyes, and a nice case of smoker’s cough and a raspy voice, that will make you even sound old.

Don’t Overdo the Mojitos

It’s unfortunate, but your cocktails make you look old. Alcoholic beverages hinder the production of vasopressin (antidiuretic hormones), which forces your kidneys to work double time in order to remove excess water from your system. The result is a bunch of parched organs, and that includes your skin. Drinks like mojitos are particularly dangerous due to the high sugar levels, which along with other excessive carbs, can lead to systemic inflammation, and that ultimately contributes to cell damage. It’s okay to imbibe, just watch how much and what you drink.

Keep a Balanced Diet

Everyone should enjoy a diet full of fresh, whole, one ingredient foods; organic is best. Packaged foods tend to be processed, which means they’re full of chemicals, which of course are not actually food and you shouldn’t eat them. If you must eat packaged products, learn to read labels. Any unrecognizable ingredients listed should signal a red flag: don’t buy it.

Sugar is an evil little beast, typically found in many processed foods, in addition to sweets. Delicious, yes indeed, but too much of a good thing is terrible for your looks, and it also has a tendency to make you crash. Eating too much processed, sugary foods make your skin look dull, too, so lay off the junk.

Manage Stress

It’s been found that high-stress levels lead to rapid aging. So aside from feeling better when you’re chilled out, you’re going to look a lot better, too. Stress is part of our lives though, so it’s important to learn how to manage emotions. Calming breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga are all excellent ways to lower your stress levels. Look at your daily life. Do you hold grudges? Let go of things that nag and make you feel overwhelmed. Chances are you’ll have a happier, positive outlook on life. What’s more attractive than that?

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Making up 60 percent of the body, water is our most valuable physical nutrient. On the outside, dehydrated skin looks dull and rough. On the inside, water flushes out toxins and protects skin from wear and tear. Doctors recommend eight glasses of water a day for the typical adult. If you increase to ten, your body will be an immaculate, beautiful machine.

Protect Your Skin

Sunlight is wonderful, and it’s good for us to get out and enjoy it, but we need to be safe. UV rays cause melanoma, which can be deadly, all the while causing sunspots, wrinkles, and they damage the skin to a tough leather. Use high SPF sunscreen all over your body each and every day, reapplying every so often, to protect against sun damage.

The moisturizer you use does more than protect against UV rays, though, it also helps your skin stay hydrated, which prevents it from becoming withered and wrinkled. An excellent skin regime requires you to also cleanse your face regularly, remove make-up before bed each night, and, finally, exfoliate your skin twice a week to remove dead skin cells. It’ll keep you looking lively!

Need some help choosing the right lotions and exfoliants? A dermatologist is your best friend, especially if you live in a warm weather climate, so schedule an appointment to get some advice.

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