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10 Ways to Get Healthier and Spread It Around Like A Virus

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AFL Member Patti Turchon

AFL Member Patti Turchon


I am not talking about trips to the gym, nor fitness classes, not even an incredible diet. Are you wondering….what the heck?  All based in science and my personal and professional experience.


So even if you are ill or infirm or otherwise physically challenged, you can be healthier –  and spread it like ripples to others you come in contact with.


  1. Smile…

  2. Pet an animal, perhaps adopt one.

  3. Ask someone “How Are You Feeling Today?”

  4. Listen to what another is saying very intently.

  5. Write a letter or call someone who you haven’t seen in a while.

  6. Sit and watch a child sleeping.

  7. Watch a comedy movie.

  8. Forgive someone for something they have done.

  9. Encourage or listen to a friend/relative.

  10. Mostly, TOUCH someone and do it often. On the face, on the shoulder, on the hand, on the head, the face….but not necessarily sexually.

All these behaviors are proven to increase immunity, lower blood pressure, ease anxieties, lower the heart rate, increase physical efficiency, decrease depression and grief, boost metabolism, decrease pain, and  share your effects with others  you love.

The human TOUCH is so powerful. It contains a strong energy flow, which is called  Chi or Qi  in the Japan. We don’t have a word for it in America. Currently, I am a Reiki Master and a Naturopathic. It’s my job to “touch” people and advise others for their health and to ease pain.  As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I show people how and why to TOUCH regularly.  Also, to do it in a fashion that is MOST efficient for changing mood, improving mental capacity, increasing physical health, and enhancing spirituality. It works through Meridians and Chakras that control the flow of energy, so the body works most efficiently by removing blockages.

  1. Meridians are channels that move through the body from top to bottom. 

  2. Chakras are many (7) whirling “generators” or fans that promote specific  areas of the body that have gotten out of balance, like a ceiling fan’s knocking that needs a balancing weight.

Chakras can be balanced and the Meridians canals can run smoothly so the body, mind and spirit can function at optimal operation. Just place the hands so that the area between the hands get the “push” of energy. (see below)  We know when our whole system is in sync and when it’s not.  You got to get the flow going…with the Divine’s Energy that can move through you as a conduit.

This is new information to most Westerns, but Easterners have known this for thousands of years. I can tell you that the practitioners and clients get the same benefits, plus anyone can be a practitioner.  Just have to want to do it.

Three prerequisites are necessary to begin. You need to (1) set an INTENTION or what you want for the person and (2) CARE or love the person, yourself or a pet. Yes, works on animals, also plants. Then (3) TOUCH the soon to be “blessed one.” It is quite a BLESSING. So, TOUCH on….  and keep the energy moving.
Editor’s Notes:  After Fifty Living thanks member Patti Turchon for sharing this article with us all.

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