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10 Summer Fashion Tips For Women Over 50

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10 Summer Fashion Tips For Women Over 50
10 Summer Fashion Tips For Women Over 50
Summer is coming, so what should you wear if you are over 50? Should you wear mini skirts? Sleeveless dresses? Prints? trendy colors? What exactly are the rules for women of over 50? Here are some ideas, please share yours as well!

Classic & bright

Mixing white with bright colors is always a super flattering look for women over 50. White is a classic summer look, plus it’s easy. Do wear black, but limit the amount.Of course, black and white together is alway a classic since the contrast of colors looks very sleek, but do not forget to add color: silver gray, teal green, and periwinkle blue for women who have white or gray hair. If you are feeling more adventurous this summer, you can try unusual colors like lemon yellow, purple, mango, turquoise. Why not!

Get great-looking pairs of glasses and sunglasses.

Your face will look stylish every day. No matter what look you’re going for, from classically cool to modern and fashionable, there’s a pair of sunglasses that will make you look and feel great.

Don’t get carried away with the bling

You don’t want to become a caricature. You want to accentuate your best features.

Don’t wear a style that dates you

Stick to your personal style but avoid clothes from a different era. Just because something fits, doesn’t mean you should wear it. Yes, vintage is cool, but most clothes go out of style and can make you look old.

Pantyhose are ok. In recent months, style experts and news outlets alike have been proclaiming pantyhose as a style trend to watch for 2017. The extra layer serves to disguise blemishes and varicose veins, and make legs appear smoother and, depending on what shade you choose, perhaps tanner, especially in the summer.

What to do about the arms?

In short, If you like how they look, show them off. For of women who like to cover their arms, it is the upper part of their arms they’re concerned about. Three-quarter length sleeves are a lifesaver. Not only do they cover the flab on your upper arms but they make your whole body look trim. If you want to downplay your arms, stay away from sleeves that end at any point between the shoulder and elbow. This includes short sleeves or cap sleeves which barely cover the shoulder. These will draw attention to and emphasize your flabby arms. Also, steer clear of sleeves with ruffles, as all that bulk will pump up your arms even more.

Avoid miniskirts

Even if you are a marathon runner, avoid wearing a thigh-revealing skirt or dress anywhere except on the tennis court or by the side of a pool. Longer lengths are so much chicer. And they actually create a more youthful, flattering look. An inch or so above the knee if you have great legs. But nothing shorter.

Pay attention to undergarments

Undergarments do a lot more than hiding beneath our stunning dresses and shirts. In many ways, they most certainly add to our general appearance. Invest in new ones. And stretchy tanks. And small shoulder pads. And whatever else makes you feel good. Because, really, that’s what fashion is all about. Feeling good about yourself.

Summer shoes have to be comfortable and show off

Of course, the most important thing is that it has to be comfortable.

Prints are ok but don’t try too hard

Use prints judiciously, as accents to solid colors. Embrace color.

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