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10 Benefits to Moving to an Independent Living Community

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10 Benefits to Moving to an Independent Living Community

Retirement is a great time of life, one where you can finally do what you want without the constraints of having to work a 9-to-5. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some important things to think about, though. In fact, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make in retirement is where you’re going to spend it.  

Some retirees decide to age in place in their existing home, but that’s not the only option. In fact that often carries some unexpected hidden expenses and difficulties. As a result, many choose to move to an independent living community, because of the many advantages these communities offer to their residents. If you’re wondering whether moving to an independent living community is a good option for you, here are 10 great benefits you’ll be able to enjoy if you do.

  1. One and Done When It Comes to Monthly Fees

Owning a home means paying through the nose every month. You have ongoing maintenance, utility bills, cable bills, and even if you’re free of mortgage payments, you still have taxes to contend with. It’s a financial hassle. Moving to an independent living community makes things so much simpler, as the majority of your household bills are taken care of by just one monthly fee. That includes the amenities of your community, too – no separate membership fees for a pool or gym, for example.

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  1. No More Maintenance Responsibilities

Living in an independent living community means you’re no longer responsible for all the little details of homeownership. Not having to mow the lawn in the summer or clear the driveway of snow in the winter is just the tip of the iceberg – you’re not going to be responsible if any of your appliances break or if your plumbing springs a leak. That’s because a retirement community monthly fee also covers indoor home maintenance as well! 


  1. A Safe Place to Live

Independent living communities are designed with safety in mind. You won’t find precarious staircases in these homes, for example, unlike many traditional homes. Also, many of these communities will have other safety measures in place before even the first person moves into one of their cottages or apartment homes, ensuring that safety equipment like handrails are installed in bathrooms to prevent slipping in the shower and other common accidents. 


  1. Round-the-Clock Security Comes Standard

Going hand-in-hand with safety is security. Independent living communities are often gated communities to ensure that access is limited to permitted individuals. You don’t have to worry about through traffic on your street or roving bands of bored teenagers cutting through your backyard at all hours. Some communities offer home security monitoring services as well, so you can sleep easy at night. 


  1. Your Own Private Little Oasis

All that security means that you’ve got unparalleled levels of privacy when you move to an independent living community. Most cottages or apartment homes come equipped with a full kitchen and laundry room, so you don’t have to rely on communal facilities. Some larger homes even come with sunrooms or patios for indoor/outdoor living without the hassle of nosy neighbors. Leave the social areas of your community for socializing on your terms, no one else’s! 


  1. Be the Life of the Party

Speaking of socialization, independent living communities have top-notch amenities for doing just that! There are all kinds of recreation spaces for getting together with friends. Game rooms where you can shoot some billiards or play some cards and libraries and reading rooms where you can enjoy a book club meeting only scratch the surface. There are dozens of possibilities for hanging out and enjoying the company of your friends, family, and neighbors.


  1. It’s Easy to Enjoy Hobbies and Interests

Now that you’re retired, you’ve finally got time to work on all those hobbies and interests you were never able to before. Going hand-in-hand with the socialization aspects of an independent living community are the amenities available for you to enjoy these hobbies and interests. Art studios, crafting and woodworking rooms, gardening areas, and even scheduled trips to local areas of interest are just some of the great activities available for you after moving to an independent living community. 

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  1. You Can Stay Fit as a Fiddle

Keeping fit and healthy allows you to enjoy your retirement to the fullest. That’s why just about every independent living community out there has a full suite of health and fitness amenities available to its residents! These often include swimming pools, fitness centers, and even walking paths around the campus to keep your blood pumping. You don’t have to do it by yourself, either – many independent living communities also offer fitness classes with instructors, and even physical and massage therapists as well! 

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  1. Enjoy the Best, Most Nutritious Food

While exercise is one side of the coin, eating well is the other. Eating healthy meals that taste great and also offer you the nutrients you need as a senior isn’t an easy task – unless you’ve moved to an independent living community, that is! On-site formal and casual dining opportunities, complete with food prepared by professional chefs, are abundant. Take the night off from cooking and enjoy a great meal or two! 


  1. Friendly, Helpful Staff Available When You Need Them

Independent living communities are staffed 24/7 to ensure that you’ll always have someone there to accommodate your needs. From activity coordinators and fitness instructors to non-denominational chaplains for on-site chapels, chefs and wait staff, and even hairdressers for on-site salons, there’s a myriad of staff ready and waiting to help. Many communities offer housekeeping services as well. And don’t forget access to high-quality healthcare if necessary, either — some communities called continuing care retirement communities allow residents to move from independent to assisted living to even skilled nursing care, for no increase to your existing monthly fee. 


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By now it should be quite clear that independent living communities are a wonderful option for just about anyone. They offer unparalleled safety and security and excellent amenities and opportunities for enjoying the finer things in life. At the same time, moving to an independent living community means you get high levels of privacy and access to helpful staff around the clock, all for just one monthly fee. It doesn’t get much better than that! 

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