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After Fifty Living helps you connect and share with other folks over 50.


Companionship, love and relationships are very different when you are over fifty. Children, grandchildren and friends are all factors that we don't deal with when we are younger.

We encourage you to look browse our articles and blogs for plenty of helpful information to help your after fifty time be the best time of your life.

Ask our experts! Get professional opinions!

Our Love 'n Life Pro, Carol, is an After Fiftier who spent almost 10 years as a professional matchmaker.  She also experienced separation and divorce around the time she was turning the big "5 - 0."  With her divorce finalized, and her experiences as a professional matchmaker serving as a backdrop, she entered into the world of online dating, as the industry was just gaining a foothold.  "It was probably easier for me to jump into online dating than for many others.  I also find that my background makes it easy for me to talk with the men I meet online."  She has experienced many, if not most, "relationship" issues both first-hand and as a matchmaker.   "Helping people" helps her to recharge her psychic battery - and we're confident that she can help you!