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Improving Lives. Here’s 3 Ways to Start…

“I wish that I had…” is a phrase that people often express when they live in regret. As people age, the life that they are living is often the result of actions that they took in their younger days. Most of us who reach our senior years can look back with hindsight at how different things could be. Now seniors are in the position ...Read More

First Date? 5 Tips, 1 Chance – and a Great, First Impression!

  So, you’ve had a few phone calls and you both agree to take the next step and meet.  The “where” and “when” have been decided and all that’s left to do is show up. HOW you show up and the first thing your date sees is oh so very important. To make sure you make as good a first impression as possible, read on and follow these essential tips: ...Read More

5 Ways To Keep the 2016 Election From Ruining Your Relationships

Historically, we were taught that politics, while crucial for our democracy, shouldn’t be be enough to divide us. But presidential elections are infamously divisive, and 2016 was not a “normal” election. After Donald Trump’s victory, friendships and families that split their vote are still recovering from an intense divide. American vot...Read More

5 “TO-DO’s” for That First Date – and Other Dates, Too!

I hate to tell you the number of times men have shown up on my first dates wearing old sneakers, tattered jeans, a stain on their shirt, and looking like they just got up from a nap. While I spent hours planning what I was going to wear, took longer than usual with my hair and make-up and then THAT shows up! It made me feel like I was an afterthoug...Read More

50+ And Single: Do’s & Don’ts

Do you remember your very first date? Sweaty palms. Awkward conversation. You probably even had a curfew. Once you hit 50, at least the curfew is gone. But according to TODAY’s “This is 50” survey results, only 18 percent of single people in their 50s said they were dating and more than 40 percent said they were considering it, but not actually doi...Read More

First Date and After 50? Here’s 5 “No-No” Topics

Oh yes, we’ve all encountered it. Whether it was the person we were out with or it was ourselves. Everything was going well and then – dah dah dah -the conversation takes a wrong turn and the next thing you know, the date you were previously enjoying gets all emotional, be it anger or sadness. (Yes it is good to know early on if they are still angr...Read More

Real Person – Real Issues

Dear “Oh Carol:” I am a single, very tired 65 year old woman.  My youngest is in college (tuition bills) and my oldest has medical challenges which I’m funding and which make it hard for him to find and keep a job. I should be retired – but I can’t.  I should have been getting child support – but that didn’t happen eit...Read More

80-year-olds have some of the best sex of the over-50s, say scientists

While there is the perception among society as a whole that sex stops once you are 80, data gathered from more than 7,000 over 50s concluded that women in the their eighties have more “enjoyable” sex than those up to 30 years younger. According to a study published by the International Longevity Centre the “late-life boost in sati...Read More

Caregiver Needs a Bunch of TLC!

Dear “Oh Carol:” I’m a caregiver.  This is how I make my living.  I’m late 60’s.  I was married, had one son, then we divorced.  My former husband died about 5 years ago.  The divorce left me financially devastated and I work under the table.  But I do okay because I’m good at what I do. I have a nice circle of women friends...Read More

Our Love/Hate Relationship With Online Dating

In a recent Consumer Reports study, Melissa Emsley had been using online dating apps for five years, and like any new user, she was hopeful. Emsley explains, “When you get your hopes built up … to meet the right person and then that chemistry is just not there. It can be discouraging.” And Melissa’s not alone. In Consumer Reports’ survey, res...Read More

The Power Of Meaningful Compliments

Throughout your lifetime you’ve probably thrown around compliments pretty freely, maybe you like a co-worker’s shoes, or a friend’s particularly adorable photo on Facebook of her grandchildren. But we actually take for granted the lasting effect a compliment can have on someone’s ideas about self-love. Covet, a fashion-focused video game in w...Read More

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