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What Will You Receive in Lifetime Social Security Benefits?

Social Security is a tricky little entity. It’s a good one, we get steady monetary payments throughout retirement, but the details are somewhat elusive. For example, it’s difficult to budget your retirement if you don’t know how much you have to work with – what’s your monthly income? Social Security is an important lifestyle factor, so getting an ...Read More

10 things you should never say to people over 50

10. Do not call us anything that you would also call a person under age 8 unless that person happens to have the same name as ours. That includes ““Young fella” “Sweetie,” or worst of all, “Young lady” or “Young man.” 9. Don’t start a sentence with the words “you used to be…”. The implication is that I am no longer that thing. You used to be beauti...Read More

5 Ways Tech Is Changing Retirement

Key Points The latest technological advances are making it easier to age in your own home Many health issues can be remotely monitored, rather than relying on in-home help Help protect your (or your parents’) accounts with customizable alert technology There was a time when growing older meant relying on family or hired help to assist with health, ...Read More

Weighing Social Security Income During Retirement

As you get closer to retirement age, you’re probably taking a peak at the Social Security statement. Will it be enough? Most seniors find relying Social Security benefits alone don’t nearly cover all expenses. In fact, some even have to pick up a job again so they can make ends meet. That idea may not bother you now, but when you finally hit the re...Read More

5 Tips for Affordable Healthy Eating

Maintaining a healthy diet is important at all stages of life, but as we age, it becomes even more imperative as our bodies change and require more nutrients. For many, understanding health and how to achieve a nutritious lifestyle is necessary, but for others, it isn’t so much that we don’t know about health, but that we aren’t sure how to afford ...Read More

The Freedom that Comes with an Uncluttered Life

I like to believe I am on the cutting edge, always one step ahead of the latest trend. I commonly find that I have initiated lifestyle changes long before they are publicized on major print media or featured on television. This is why when the tiny house trend started to catch on a few years ago, my spouse and I felt like we were ahead of the game....Read More

5 Things To Know About Returning to Work After 50

There’s nothing more daunting than a job search. In any normal situation, looking for work is exhausting, disheartening, and challenging. When you’re returning to the workforce, particularly over 50, you come across even more hurdles. Your age, your intimidating resume, and the fact that technology is moving at a speed that even the gainfully emplo...Read More

5 Things to Eliminate From Your Life for a Great Retirement

As 75 million Americans approach retirement over the coming decade, they might be in for a rude awakening. We are the sum of our habits and retirement is a time to make changes and enjoy things that were not always possible before. The challenge is bad habits are creeping up on you slowly until you don’t even notice the damage they’re causing. As i...Read More

Younger Boss? 5 Tips for Surviving and Thriving!

We’ve all thought about it at some point in our careers, the situation that many workers fear: a younger boss!  Have you experienced it yet?  Here’s a reality check from the world of work: guess what’s much more common after 50, older boss or younger boss? According to Pew Research, as of 2015 Millennials became the largest single generation in the...Read More

8 Simple Ways To Grow Happier With Age

As you age, the more you know, the more likely that you will feel like “you know everything”, which means you are closed minded. As people get older, they really do gain a lot of experience, and really are right about most things. At some point, you may feel like there’s very little chance that anyone will be able to teach you any...Read More

Hot New Health Trends To Look For In 2018

Those in the know offered their predictions for the 2018 food and wellness trends and it’s all about balance and building strength through nutrition and lifestyle. Large corporations are responding to consumer demand for higher-quality food, and sustainability practices. At the same time, cutting-edge research on intermittent fasting and the ...Read More

7 Ways To Be A Rockstar Grandparent

Congrats! You’ve raised kids who have successfully entered adulthood and are becoming parents themselves. That means you’re going to be a grandparent! But do you know what that doesn’t mean? It doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about being a grandparent. Your role as the parent is very different than when you were a mother or father...Read More

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