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5 Fashion Tips To Look Great After 50

As we age, it’s important to still feel great about how we look. Making adjustments to our wardrobe as we get older keeps us looking stylish, instead of no old and dowdy. Use these tips to stay youthful and gorgeous. Choose the right colors. We’ve all benefitted from the magic of the color black. It’s slimming and it has timeless sophisticated. The...Read More

10 Great Tips to Deal with Cranky Grandchildren

Grandparents look forward to time spent with grandchildren alone, without a parent. But these visits can be ruined if a child becomes cranky or misbehaves. Without a parent present to diffuse the problem, the solution falls to the grandparent, which can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for handling a  situation, and preventing one from happening...Read More

Best Exercises For People After 50

If you think you’ve aged out of exercise, think again. Exercise is an important part of a senior’s life, and not just because we’re living longer. Staying fit preserves muscle, which keeps us mobile so we can maintain our normal, active lives. It helps retain cognitive function so we don’t slow down mentally. And for all ages, exercise is an excell...Read More

A Retirement Community – Great Choice! Here’s Why…

Those who know my parents, who have always been active types, know that the word “retire” was never part of their vocabulary. So you can imagine my utter shock when they brought up the subject of retiring. Of course, for them “retiring” meant leaving their full-time jobs so that they would have more time to do other things, ...Read More

The Best and Worst Ways to Care for your Face as you Age

As we age our skin gets dryer and thinner, so we’re always looking for the right ways to keep our faces bright and hydrated. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do to keep your face healthy and young.   DO keep hydrated. When our faces lose moisture, that’s when we show our age. It’s much easier to lose moisture as our skin gets thinner, so i...Read More

Understand Your Snoring and Get it Under Control

Troubled by snoring? Irritating, yes, but snoring can be the sign of a bigger problem at hand. Though 45% of normal adults snore on occasion, of that group 75% have obstructive sleep apnea (when your breathing is disrupted), which is a serious condition. Left undiagnosed, apnea can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, and depressi...Read More

The Retirement Expenses you Need to Know About

Being prepared for retirement is important, but many of us aren’t sure what being prepared even means. Research shows most people underestimate their retirement expenses. Understanding your future spending habits can help you make a solid financial plan. Here are the places you’ll spend your money, and how you can make sure you’re set up for life. ...Read More

3 Tips for Selling Investments

Key Points Knowing when to sell is just as important to building wealth as knowing when to buy Emotional decision making could impair your ability to make good long-term choices Rebalancing your portfolio on a regular basis can help lock in gains and avoid losses On May 17, 2017, the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index dropped 373 points after a ser...Read More

8 Tips to Get Your Partner to Do What You Want

Marriage is one of the greatest challenges with limitless opportunities for us to disagree. Negotiation can be messy and riddled with tension. Finger pointing, selfish demands, and resentful compliance are often part of the process. But this is normal. Many people are frightened of conflict because they can’t negotiate.If you can negotiate yo...Read More

10 Tips for Getting Over Getting Older

Almost every day we get small reminders that we are growing a little older. Perhaps an age spot or another wrinkle; it is easy to moan about getting old, trying to make excuses saying: “Age is only  a number” or “I’m  60 going on 45. But, what is it about aging that makes us panic so much? Are we frightened of looking and feeling old because it rem...Read More

5 great skincare tips for men to help you stay and look great at Fifty

If you want to make a good impression, your skin is the first place to start. Yes, one thing’s for sure: your skin isn’t the same as it was at 20. Healthy habits and smart lifestyle choices can make you look and feel years younger. After years of sun exposure has left your skin wrinkled and littered with tiny age spots and the amount of collagen an...Read More

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