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8 Tips To Master Social Media

The post-World War II babies born between 1946 and 1964 account for an impressive 77 million of the population and with 91% of them on 2 or more social media platforms, it’s no wonder that an impressive 80% of individuals over 50 use Facebook, with youtube coming in at a close second. So how do you navigate and utilize social media platforms for op...Read More

5 Foods To Help You Sleep Better

If you’ve been having a hard time falling — or staying — asleep lately, look no further than your kitchen. Certain foods are scientifically proven to aid sleep. There is no shortage of information out there about the importance of a good night’s sleep, likely because more than 50 million Americans don’t get enough of it. If you’re part ...Read More

7 Most Common Misconceptions About Aging

As we age, most people become what they think we will become and stereotypes play a big role in this process. Think you know the facts about growing older? Think again. Here are 7 common misconceptions about aging: Old women are depressed and lonely: While we may get sad and lonely from time to time, research shows that the least lonely and depress...Read More

5 Summer Sandal Options for 50+ Women Wanting Comfort & Style

  Summer means painted toes and sandals. Enjoy the latest styles without sacrificing comfort. Here are five top-selling sandals that will keep your heels happy this summer, whether you’re at the beach, taking a stroll or enjoying an evening out on the town.   Alegria Women’s Karmen Wedge Sandal in White The rocker-style sole of these sho...Read More

The Best Retirement Plan is Not To – Thoughts by Aaron Clarey

It’s an all too common problem. Every month I host a financial planning class and I ask all the new students to introduce themselves.  And while there’s the occasional 35 year old housewife there, unfortunate widow whose husband did the finances there, or even the young whipper snapper 23 year old trying to get a jump on things, the plurality of my...Read More

How to Save Money as a 55+ Traveler

Are you an empty nester? Are you retired or planning for retirement? Then I’m sure you’ve thought about the new possibilities and opportunities that await, one of which is the luxury of being able to travel. However, if you’re like many 55-plus folks, you may be on a limited or restricted budget. This means you want to save money as you plan ...Read More

How I Turned Our Search for a Senior Living Community for My Parents into 8 Mini Vacations

Road trip! Hallelujah. My parents finally agreed it was time to start researching senior living communities. Of course, I volunteered to participate in the process, ostensibly to help with driving but mainly to serve as referee when my parents would inevitably be at odds over location, amenities, floor plans or where to stop for a bite to eat. I co...Read More

7 Things To Know Before Starting With Botox:

Botox is better known as a beauty treatment without surgery. In the world of beauty, botox is used primarily for anti-aging treatment to eliminate wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes. What do you need to know before deciding to start this treatment? Here are 7 Things To Know Before going the Botox route: Pick the right provider...Read More

Gonna/Wanna Drive in a Foreign Country? Your 9 Best Tips!

Most people in the U.S. and Canada own their own cars. Wherever we want to go, whether it’s to the grocery store or the next town, we simply jump into our cars and start driving. There’s no second thought about traffic rules, which side of the road to drive on, the language of the land or whether the car is in working order. Generally, mass transpo...Read More

10 things men over 50 should never do

10. Wearing thongs & Speedos: After 50 the ravages of time and gravity have worked their magic on men. The speedo brings to light the ground-zero zones of this. Men over 50 should never wear speedos unless it is for an athletic competition. 9. Say things like “fo’shizzle,” or “whatever” 8. Send emails work emails with emoticon...Read More

Watch this truly inspiring story about the power of music

Noisey meets 93-year-old jazz pianist Edward Hardy. Ed was given a new lease of life and relief from dementia and depression when his care home discovered he was a talented pianist in his younger days.

Top 10 Most Frequently Asked about Aging and Fitness

Every day, fitness professionals are faced with many questions on topics ranging from aging, weight loss to rehabilitating from pain, injuries and surgeries. This post addresses some of the more popular questions people over 50 ask about fitness and aging. I’m not active, and haven’t been in years. Is it safe for me to start now. It’s never too lat...Read More

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