10 Great Tips to Deal with Cranky Grandchildren

Grandparents look forward to time spent with grandchildren alone, without a parent. But these visits can be ruined if a child becomes cranky or misbehaves. Without a parent present to diffuse the problem, the solution falls to the grandparent, which can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for handling a  situation, and preventing one from happening...Read More

Understand Your Snoring and Get it Under Control

Troubled by snoring? Irritating, yes, but snoring can be the sign of a bigger problem at hand. Though 45% of normal adults snore on occasion, of that group 75% have obstructive sleep apnea (when your breathing is disrupted), which is a serious condition. Left undiagnosed, apnea can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, and depressi...Read More

The Retirement Expenses you Need to Know About

Being prepared for retirement is important, but many of us aren’t sure what being prepared even means. Research shows most people underestimate their retirement expenses. Understanding your future spending habits can help you make a solid financial plan. Here are the places you’ll spend your money, and how you can make sure you’re set up for life. ...Read More

10 Tips for Getting Over Getting Older

Almost every day we get small reminders that we are growing a little older. Perhaps an age spot or another wrinkle; it is easy to moan about getting old, trying to make excuses saying: “Age is only  a number” or “I’m  60 going on 45. But, what is it about aging that makes us panic so much? Are we frightened of looking and feeling old because it rem...Read More

5 great skincare tips for men to help you stay and look great at Fifty

If you want to make a good impression, your skin is the first place to start. Yes, one thing’s for sure: your skin isn’t the same as it was at 20. Healthy habits and smart lifestyle choices can make you look and feel years younger. After years of sun exposure has left your skin wrinkled and littered with tiny age spots and the amount of collagen an...Read More

8 Costly Regrets You Should Avoid When Planning Retirement

Over 70% of adults have financial regrets, according to a Bankrate report, and their biggest financial worry is that they didn’t start saving for retirement early enough. Even high earners reported guilt over not saving for retirement early enough. Of course, there is much to consider when preparing for retirement. However, the source of regr...Read More

How To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life After 50

I want you to think: what was the best sex you ever had? You don’t have to tell anyone your answer but think back to that encounter. What made it the best? Was it who you were with? Where were you? Was it because you were feeling great about yourself? What if I were to tell you that the best sex of your life could be in your future? Many believe th...Read More

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Call Baby Boomers ‘Old’

Old. Elderly. Senior. Elder. Aging adult. Older adult. No matter what term is used, if you’re called one of these names, it stings a bit. Us so-called Baby Boomers are a unique group. And because of that, we don’t like these labels. Here are three reasons to never to underestimate us because of our age: Many Baby Boomers don’t feel “old.” Ask a Bab...Read More

5 Ways To Keep the 2016 Election From Ruining Your Relationships

Historically, we were taught that politics, while crucial for our democracy, shouldn’t be enough to divide us. But presidential elections are infamously divisive, and 2016 was not a “normal” election. After Donald Trump’s victory, friendships and families that split their vote are still recovering from an intense divide. American voters...Read More

10 Summer Fashion Tips For Women Over 50

Summer is coming, so what should you wear if you are over 50? Should you wear mini skirts? Sleeveless dresses? Prints? trendy colors? What exactly are the rules for women of over 50? Here are some ideas, please share yours as well! Classic & bright. Mixing white with bright colors is always a super flattering look for women over 50.  White is a...Read More

How to Save Money as a 55+ Traveler

Are you an empty nester? Are you retired or planning for retirement? Then I’m sure you’ve thought about the new possibilities and opportunities that await, one of which is the luxury of being able to travel. However, if you’re like many 55-plus folks, you may be on a limited or restricted budget. This means you want to save money as you plan ...Read More

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