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What’s it like to retire without enough saved?

We all realize we should be saving for retirement. Most of us know we should be saving more than we currently are toward our retirement goals. What happens when there’s job loss, cut-backs, layoffs, illness, and other unforeseen events during your working years? It impacts your retirement savings. Do you know anybody who has avoided financial...Read More

John Oliver Calls for Protection of Aging Boomers from Financial Schemes

There are two major takeaways from the latest main segment on Last Week Tonight: 1) Regardless of your age, it’s important to plan for the care you’ll need in old age and 2) hippos are godless killing machines (though more on that second thing later).

Some Things You Just Can’t Control In Your Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is an essential goal to have in adulthood. It is a good idea to start thinking planning for retirement when you are younger instead of older. This can help you have an idea about the amount of money you’ll need to fulfill your retirement dreams. However, knowing your retirement goal is as important as the steps you’ll take t...Read More

Americans don’t know Enough about Social Security

Many Americans find it difficult to answer a five quiz question correctly regarding Social Security retirement benefits. In a recent online survey, 47% of adults of 50 years and above miserably failed the a quiz about social security benefits.It is important to note that people’s awareness about Social Security has increased over a period of ...Read More

5 Ways To Supplement Social Security In Retirement

Most individuals and couples cannot live on only their social security income. It would require a drastic change of lifestyle as social security will replace about 40% of average retirement income. Since most of us want to maintain a lifestyle at least close to what we are used to living, we start searching for ways to add supplemental income. Annu...Read More

Plan Retirement Accordingly … Worst States For Retirement

Are you planning to relocate when you retire? Maybe it is to be closer to family or may it is to enjoy perfect weather and scenery, or perhaps you are selecting your retirement location based on cost of living, taxes and health care options. These are significant expenses which impact your retirement plan, your retirement spending budget and when y...Read More

Tips To Avoid Financial Scams In Retirement

Security breaches, identity embezzlement, online fraud – it all could happen when you are the least prepared and even during retirement.It’s happening everywhere and leaves the countless sufferers in its sweep. If you aren’t careful, you could have con artists get access to your financial data quickly. While you wouldn’t wan...Read More

Why Saving for Retirement Is Getting Harder

From time to time, we’ve all dreamed of not having the commute and saying goodbye to working every day. We’ve thought about saving money, we’ve attempted it and things always come up. There seems to be many obstacles along the way that prevent us from meeting our savings goals. We’ve overspent a little here and there. It is ...Read More

Don’t make these common mistakes then relocating in retirement

Some Americans dream of moving to an ideal location to retire. Many want to stay in their same home. As you retire, it is often considered a perfect opportunity to sell your home, downsize and relocate to your dream retirement location. Typically, by this time, the children are no longer “living at home,” so the need to be close to a sc...Read More

Realities Regarding Retirement For Women You Can’t Afford to Overlook

There are some realities regarding retirement for women which you just cannot afford to overlook. The challenges women encounter as they prepare for retirement are different than their male peers. Despite all the battles for equality over the last few decades, women are still trailing behind when it comes to retiring which is such a crucial part of...Read More

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