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Realities Regarding Retirement For Women You Can’t Afford to Overlook

There are some realities regarding retirement for women which you just cannot afford to overlook. The challenges women encounter as they prepare for retirement are different than their male peers. Despite all the battles for equality over the last few decades, women are still trailing behind when it comes to retiring which is such a crucial part of...Read More

Retiring isn’t less stressful than working

Not everyone retires with a solid retirement plan, a comfortable nest egg, a healthy retirement spending budget and a pension plan. It’s not always lack of planning, carelessness or a life ridden with bad choices.  Retiring isn’t necessarily less stressful than being an employee. All is not equal  Sometimes circumstances add to this sit...Read More

What is really taxed in retirement?

Do you look forward to retiring? You may have your retirement plan and spending budget all set, or you may still be putting it all together. Have you allowed enough in your retirement planning and spending budget to take care of taxes? Taxes and Your Retirement Dreams Someday, you dream of being able to work if you want to do so. For many Americans...Read More

Have you considered becoming an Entrepreneur as you “Retire”?

Retirement is an opportunity As life expectancy has increased, there is a broader range of retirement opportunities than previously available. Retirement is now a window of opportunity instead of a passage of time. It brings experiences and permission to begin something new. At this moment in time, retirees must withstand challenges, as we enjoy li...Read More

Tips To “Customize” Your Social Security Benefits

April is National Social Security Month. It’s a perfect time and opportunity to discuss the advantages of “customizing” your social security benefits. Everyone needs to know what the social security benefits are so you can prepare for retirement. Since baby boomers are now living even longer than their parents, there is often a need to utilize any ...Read More

5 Key Retirement Questions You Need To Answer After 50

Retiring is not an easy decision. A written retirement plan can help you in many ways, so you can implement it when you do retire. When you write your retirement plan, you must evaluate critical factors in your life and your expectations of retirement. The written retirement plan can be lengthy or brief, but requires you to answer critical question...Read More

Should Women Keep Working After Their Husbands Retire?

Baby boomers endured a 12% mortgage rate and Watergate, so they’re breaking some rules. Sometimes baby boomers are taking separate paths into retirement. Have you planned on retiring together? Sometimes it works and is so much fun to make those memories together. Many married couples begin retirement at the same time. By retiring together, this ben...Read More

‘Roseanne’ and the persistent effect of Baby Boomers

As we search for common ground, it seems the glory days of our baby boomer culture is the greatest hits from television. Thanks to “Roseanne,” we may have something in common we can discuss without really discussing “politics.” The return of the popular “Roseanne” show had a vast audience in its returning debut, ...Read More

Want Your $$s to Last? Create Financial Sustainability!

These days, no matter what the topic, the talk is all about sustainability. In regards to financial sustainability, there are 3 legs to the stool; Income, spending and Investments. Income Income is derived from money you make through your job using physical or mental labor or both. Passive income can be created through property rentals, bond intere...Read More

How to Handle Inflation so You Don’t Run Out of Money During Retirement

It’s one thing to save for retirement, building a nice stable nest egg that will take you through your senior years. And you’ll have Social Security benefits to look forward to, and maybe even a pension and a401K. Establishing a monthly income for yourself is an excellent way to manage your money so you don’t overspend. Knowing what you need to liv...Read More

3 “Musts” When Downsizing for Retirement

Downsizing means to make something smaller. No matter if that ‘something’ is an old CD collection or the big pile of junk in your garage. But when you’re facing reducing everything you own so you can retire to a neat little cottage for a well-earned life of leisure, it’s another matter altogether. It’s your whole life! Downsizing: Here’s What You N...Read More

How to Buy the Stuff You Need Without Adding Clutter

By now, many of us have already gone through the process of downsizing. Or, at the very least, we have sorted through our items and organized our life a bit.

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