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4 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life After 50

Remember when sex was the top of everyone’s mind? The ritual of courtship had us thinking about sex all the time. When is it okay to do it, how does it work after marriage, and of course, starting a family gave it a whole new meaning. But after all this time with the same person, or even finding yourself single for the first time in decades, sex ma...Read More

Are You Aging Well? How to Make Changes to Have a Better Lifestyle

As we age, life takes some unexpected turns. Between our bodies failing us in all kinds of surprising ways, and the loss of loved ones, the elderly need to be a resilient bunch. How we handle life’s now regular setbacks has a lot to do with how we age. While some things are out of our control, the way we live has a direct impact on how we handle ag...Read More

These 5 States May Be The Worst For Retirement

There are many things to consider to be certain a city or state is a good choice for retirees. Affordability is a high priority for seniors on a fixed income, and access to top-quality healthcare is getting more important as retirees age. Leisure and activity accessibility play a role as well with golf courses and theatre being a high priority for ...Read More

How To Survive Going Gray: Tips, Tricks & Hacks

This is everything I could think to say about my year of transitioning to gray. How to cover the white stripe. What colors to wear. How to not feel dowdy and drab. Significant others. The grow out process. Everything but wigs! Hollywood actress Monique Parent discusses beauty tips she has learned in the film biz as well as aging gracefully, health ...Read More

7 Most Common Misconceptions About Aging

As we age, most people become what they think we will become and stereotypes play a big role in this process. Think you know the facts about growing older? Think again. Here are 7 common misconceptions about aging: Old women are depressed and lonely: While we may get sad and lonely from time to time, research shows that the least lonely and depress...Read More

5 Ways Pets Can Add Love to Your Retirement

We all love animals. They’re loyal, sweet, cute, and even funny. But when we reach retirement, pets have an added bonus: they’re great for our well-being. From physical to emotional health, animals make our lives fuller. That said, pets are a lot of responsibility, so make sure you have the time and physical energy to handle a new addition. Still, ...Read More

How to know when you are ready to date after 50

AFL Founder Jo-Anne Lema discusses with professional matchmaker and Love Guru, Carol Ziegler, how to know when you are ready to date after 50. For more tips check out our site

10 Tips for Retiring Abroad

One of the things people most look forward to in retirement is the opportunity to travel the world. For some, they’d prefer to actually live abroad. And why not? With today’s technology, the burden of being far away is greatly reduced. Plus, it’s an opportunity to experience something entirely new. But moving abroad is complicated. It can be overwh...Read More

15 things that Grandparents should avoid saying!

Of course, grandparents have a right to their opinions, but a few of these can get them in trouble. From unwelcome judgments to unsolicited advice, here are a few things perhaps they should avoid saying! For new grandparents: “I have the perfect name for the baby!” “That name you picked might be bad luck – it was the name of auntie Andrea’s s...Read More

How Being Grateful is Beneficial to Health All Year Long

Thanksgiving brings to mind family, food, friends, happiness, and reflection. It’s a time to think about all the wonderful things in our lives. Gratitude is a fabulous thing to exercise, but unfortunately, many of us only do it one day a year. And that’s a shame. Insiders say those who regularly exhibit gratitude in their daily lives experience sig...Read More

How To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life After 50

I want you to think: what was the best sex you ever had?  You don’t have to tell anyone your answer but think back to that encounter. What made it the best? Was it who you were with? Where were you? Was it because you were feeling great about yourself? What if I were to tell you that the best sex of your life could be in your future? Many believe t...Read More

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